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Novos – Wave 2

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Midgard and Metroplex U have completed their switch over to Novos!

So, all the quest hacking should now be handled through Novos. Even FunTime Products.

Like real world OS switches, this has almost assuredly broken something weird. So, if you run into any issues, let me know.

P.S.: I also made some subtle changes to the existing routines to make their results match the narrative better.



Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Novos, the new hacking system, has started rolling out today.

I say “started” because I’m trying a bit of something different. I’ll be rolling this out in stages, interspersing it with other content.

So, try it out if you want, see what you think. It won’t fully replace the existing hacking content for a while now, but it won’t hurt to get familiar with it either.

In the meantime, there’s all the old hacking content plus the new stuff as it comes in, so hopefully you won’t find too much to complain about :)

What’s the point?
The original hacking system is a mess on a lot of levels. I was going to have to tear it down and rebuild it eventually anyway, so I’d like to get that done before I build Oldtown content on top of it.

I hope, with this redesign, that we can end up with a lot less fiddly management outside the hacking interface and a lot more interactivity within that interface. We’ll see about that one as everything gets in.

Anyway, best of luck! I hope you enjoy what’s there.


Fangs Hideout

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

A brand new quest known as the “Docks Quest” is now available!

Okay so maybe “brand new” is a little strong, but the second half of the quest has been rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on adding new options to get through the quest.

A lot of the hideout should look familiar, but other pieces are totally new. And, yes, if you play your cards right, you can now complete the quest without killing anyone.


That grandest of college traditions

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

In honor of everyone polishing off their school years (I think everyone’s done, aren’t they?), there’s a touch of new content at the University, reflecting the grandest of college traditions. The design team takes no responsibility for addition content which may have escaped into the wild.

Speaking of “escaping into the wild,” Third Eye shirts have been released into the Metroplexity Cafepress store.

Oh, and there’s a new Avatar which may or may not be University related.


Extreme Fishing

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

So, a while back, a lot of folks were asking me about fishing updates. Lots of stuff like “Extreme Bass is too vicious” and “you can’t see your skill gains in any meaningful sense.” And I warned people that would require a complete rewrite of fishing and we just couldn’t justify putting it in.

Then I realized I could cheat it on to the schedule by combining it with this month’s donation item. Yeah, that’s right! Kinak (me), stickin’ it to The Man (also me) for your benefit!

So if your fishing (and chess by happenstance of using the same system) are working a bit differently from before… that’s because it’s totally different. I did carry over people’s ratings, although the labels have changed.

In completely related news, Zack has his unearthly-coin-loving hands on some equipment intended for the Extreme Bass XIII release party.


Metroplex University Student Still Missing

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

In an update to our report this Friday, the missing student has still not been found. Sergeant Blader with Midgard Security Forces personnel reiterated his earlier statements that the disappearance is “a stupid kid’s publicity stunt.”

Maxwell Newman, a fellow art student, had more to offer when asked about his missing friend. “I know that when he disappeared to the Docks, a stranger helped him. I don’t know that stranger’s name, but if you can help, please meet me on Metroplex U’s Quad as soon as you can.”

Once again, Metroplex’s citizens turn to vigilantes when rebuffed by Midgard Security Forces. No word whether this mysterious vigilante may be connected to The Vigilante or what that might mean for the renewal of MSF’s contract with Metroplex University.

MSF central offices refused to comment on the rising tide of vigilantism, but commended Sergeant Blader as “a model member of the Midgard Security Forces family, with a proven record of getting results.”

This has been your University news report, brought to you by the Happy Hour. It’s always happy hour at the Happy Hour.

Next Up, Eclipse Maulings: Urban Legend or Serial Killer?

Slags Lab Security

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The Midgard Laboratory in the Slags has had some security updates, centering around their shiny new computer system. Some encounters in the lab have been changed and there are ripples elsewhere.

There’s a lot of cool there I don’t want to spoil, but folks will note that the security on the locker room (such as it was) has changed. So you’re not just imagining things.

Other recent changes include:

  • Intercept data now appropriately drops some code. Thanks for the suggestion, bonbon.
  • Hawk’s request regarding his errant member in the Slags should now show up in your quest log. Thanks Steaming for getting me on this track.
  • Also, we have a ton of typo fixes thanks to Mag, Hotpho, Sir Cheddar, Cristiona, Dennis, Vholes Piper, Factitious, Nyther, and Thrillhouse. Not kidding. There were a lot of typos.

P.S.: There will probably be a bit more Slags-quest related touching up as the Survivors’ Quest looms closer. Nothing huge, mostly just implementing suggestions I’ve let pile up.


Content! Get yer content!

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Well, we’ve got a heck of a content update today. This is the “groundwork for the Survivors’ Quest” I’ve been talking about.

I fully expect it to be buggy as all get out, so get those bug reporting fingers ready :)

Here are some high points:

  • An entirely new type of combat, Hacking. It’s… pretty intense. I’ll let you figure it out, but there are some mouseovers for the basics.
  • A new tab in the inventory screen for data and programs.
  • A new craft and the final culmination of what another craft was really intended to do in the first place.
  • A new adventuring area with some mini-quests and a contact and some links to other areas.
  • And a bunch of other stuff I’m probably forgetting.

Check out the University Bookstore to start. If you’re an old timer, this update has so much content it needs two items in the Bookstore :)

Also, there’s a new food item and a new drink item that have basically nothing to do with the rollout, but I’d been meaning to add.


University Quest Update

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

About half-way through the University quest update, including a bunch of new content on the ganger side of things. Integrating new content like this is tricky so I expect some bugs to slip through. Please give me a holler if they do.

So there are some tweaks to the bossfights on the other side and some tuning of the Eclipse sale prices left to do.

Other updates:

  • Messaging is working again. Thanks to Wyrd and The Kitchen Sink for reporting that.
  • Equipping an item into an empty slot and an item over itself both give better feedback. Thank you, Justin and The Kitchen Sink respectively.
  • The error message when you try to send a message without anything in the ‘To:’ field should be a lot clearer now. Good note, The Kitchen Sink.
  • The quest log entry should show up properly after finding out where Lo is from Mikhail. Thanks, DanBob!
  • Rangefinder Bracelet is now equippable. Good find, The Kitchen Sink.
  • Thanks for typo-finding, Mag


Gang Warfare Revamp

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

The big Gang Warfare revamp went in today. Lots of neat stuff, let’s see what I can remember off the top of my head.

  • There’s a Hideout link in the top pane now, where appropriate. Among other things, several new gang enhancements are manually used from that screen.
  • There are new gang enhancements. Two will pop out right away, with others (five more) unlockable through various means.
  • There are a bunch of new Techniques. Not all of these will stay Gang-only, but there are a whole slew of them, including some popular demand ones and some that think are awesome.
  • Vigilante has grown into what I was originally picturing. There are some more options now that I’m pretty excited about.
  • There are new crafting components for every craft. I didn’t really plan it that way, but there are a lot of crafting components.
  • An entirely new type of consumable has hit the streets, courtesy of the Third Eye. These won’t stay gang-only forever, but I think they’re pretty interesting either way.
  • There’s a bit of a side quest, although the eventual reward isn’t a Skill.
  • There’s also a new Skill, giving a new option to an old side quest, but it’s so hidden it’s almost an Easter Egg.
  • There’s now another market for your old coins, if you’re so inclined.
  • The game now tracks lifetime gang warfare records. They’re displayed in parentheses behind the current number where appropriate. Thanks to Pyren for the suggestion.
  • Medicine Cabinets indicate when they’ve been raided in both the Gang and Hideout screens. Thanks for the suggestion Magnifico.
  • You should receive additional feedback when your Gang Warfare attempts move your gang to Total Control or Iron Grip. Good suggestion, The Kitchen Sink!
  • Thanks to Man Mobile and Justin for reporting issues I caused while getting the code ready for these upgrades.

I’m probably missing stuff, honestly. There’s a whole lot going on. There’s even a new paper mache ‘recipe’ for crying out loud. It’s like a madhouse in there.

With an upgrade like this, especially in the PvP system, I expect for some problems to slip through. So please keep your bug reporting ready to go.