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Metroplex University Student Still Missing

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

In an update to our report this Friday, the missing student has still not been found. Sergeant Blader with Midgard Security Forces personnel reiterated his earlier statements that the disappearance is “a stupid kid’s publicity stunt.”

Maxwell Newman, a fellow art student, had more to offer when asked about his missing friend. “I know that when he disappeared to the Docks, a stranger helped him. I don’t know that stranger’s name, but if you can help, please meet me on Metroplex U’s Quad as soon as you can.”

Once again, Metroplex’s citizens turn to vigilantes when rebuffed by Midgard Security Forces. No word whether this mysterious vigilante may be connected to The Vigilante or what that might mean for the renewal of MSF’s contract with Metroplex University.

MSF central offices refused to comment on the rising tide of vigilantism, but commended Sergeant Blader as “a model member of the Midgard Security Forces family, with a proven record of getting results.”

This has been your University news report, brought to you by the Happy Hour. It’s always happy hour at the Happy Hour.

Next Up, Eclipse Maulings: Urban Legend or Serial Killer?

University Update (Part 2 of 2)

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

So, the second part of the University Update is in. Less new content and more tweaks.

  • Both the rescue fights have a little bit more scripting now. This should cut out the weird, “spend one more Energy to see if they’re dead or rescued” bit by putting that information at the end of the fight.
  • The Shard (David/Lo rescue) fight also has another option to tune the difficulty and risk/reward yourself. This is in addition to the old method, so you can now get a pretty neat spectrum of difficulty.
  • Credits people give you for crates of Eclipse now represents the street price a little better. This is about half overall.
  • Multi-opponent fights, in the Univeristy Quest and elsewhere, should now give you substantially more credits, where appropriate.


New Side Quest

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

There is a brand new side quest in. It’s close kin to the Ghoul Quest, showing a little bit more of what Eclipse can do when it really gets rolling.

It also pulls in a lot of the more recent content updates like Fishing, Armory, and Scavenging, although it doesn’t technically require them. A bunch of items, recipes, and ten new skills depending on the choices you make. Some of which are pretty damned cool and one of which shows off a new combat mechanic.

Also, special thanks to Argeth for getting the idea-ball rolling on this side quest.


Slags Quest In!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

The Slags quest is in! Along with it, we’ve got a bunch of new content. A quick overview.

  • Two new maps including a whole bunch (four or more depending on how I felt like counting) new adventure areas.
  • A whole bunch of new enemies and items. A few new Techniques and two new Skills as well.
  • Crafting is a step towards being fully realized. There is a side quest unlocking Chemistry experimentation. Also a ton of Crafting love in general, more than quadrupling the available recipes.
  • Housing now has a place on the header bar when you’re near your residence. Rest has also been moved to the left so it’ll be a bit more prominent.

Of course, with this much content, there will invariably be some bugs and balance issues. Report those up to me so we can get them sorted out!


Dark New Side Quest!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

So we’ve got some brand new content, a side quest of fairly epic proportions. Lots of choices to be made and some new content to explore. You could (in theory) complete this quest as soon as you get to the Docks, but it’s about the same difficulty as the University quest.

Four new Skills can be gained, each related to one way of completing the quest. One of these is a newfangled ‘usable’ skill (if you get this skill, you can use it from the Character link in the top pane).

There are also three different lead-ins for the quest. Each provides different material rewards, but you can in theory get all three. One of the rewards is a hacking preview item (it’ll be obvious which one if you get it).

Fair warning, the content of this quest is rather darker and more fantastic than the current main quest content. It shows much more of Eclipse’s full effects.

Some other new stuff:

  • Formatted using items a bit better, so it’s more obvious where the item effect begins and ends.
  • Added a Skills section on the info page.
  • There are now over hundred items in the item database.
  • Added some neat support for scripting. This will hopefully be transparent, but will make it easier for me to add complex items/encounters/skills in the future.


Alternate University Quest

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

There is now an alternate way to complete the University quest, along with unlocking a bunch of other content. Its a bit more puzzling than the main path, but even folks who have followed the main quest path should be able to unlock the additional content.

Some of the content includes three new subareas, three new contacts, and a number of encounters scattered through old content. Good luck!


University Quest In!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

The University quest is now in! Everything seems to be working but, as always, keep your eye out for bugs and use the bug report feature (or ingame mail) to let me know. This is far more complicated code-wise than the Docks or Southside Park quests, so I expect some problems to crop up.

Fair warning: be careful with this quest, because the enemies are playing for keeps. They’re not going to take you out, but others are under no such protection.

There is one notable loose end with the quest. There will be a side quest, probably implemented next, that will allow an alternate way to complete the quest.

And lastly, a few minor fixes:

  • Evasion bonuses now display on items and buffs. They were working before, just not displaying.
  • The bats attack you may have seen from enemies is now working properly.


Docks Quest!

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Hello! Welcome to our first real batch of new content. The second quest, set primarily on the docks of Metroplex, has been opened.

The quest is available to all characters that have finished the first (Southside Park) quest. You already had a hint in that direction, now you can follow it.

Expect to see a few new encounters on the Docks and Southside trickle in over the next few days. The next two major blocks of content will show the effects of your efforts at the Docks (with serious movement in both Southside and the Docks) and the next quest along the main plot (which will include the University district).

Oh and a few minor things:

  • The “adventure again” feature is in.
  • Fixed a minor login bug, if you were receiving login errors, you should be good now.
  • The Metros system is now up and running, which can mostly just ferry you back and forth from the Docks to Southside for now.