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Armory Implemented

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Just activated Armory today. It’s a new craft involving the creation of weapons and armor.

As you might expect, this one won’t show up in the bookstore. You might need to look somewhere a bit… seedier for the tools you need.

Also, there are vastly more items that can be salvaged now. These updates going in the same day aren’t exactly coincidental. Nor is it a coincidence that I dropped this in before the next subquest. Just sayin’.

Like chemistry and electronics, this is just a taste of what this will look like once it’s filled out. Some items might interest people now, though.


Caught Up

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Okay, I’m officially caught up on the reports from my vacation. The related storm of updates is listed below.

  • As a number of people have requested, avoiding encounters now doesn’t usually cause energy loss. If you see anything weird with this, drop me a bug report.
  • On a related note, running out of Techniques in a fight now drains Energy properly.
  • Masses of Tentacles encountered on the Slags beach now give XP and items like they’re supposed to. Thanks to Twitch for keeping at me about this.
  • Once you’ve bought a drink for the day at the Happy Hour, you can now reenter without buying another drink or expending Energy. Thanks Argeth.
  • Items whose “use” is selling them have been relabeled to make that clearer. Thanks again Argeth!
  • Items that give XP now grant it immediately instead of after your next encounter. Thanks MoreUmlaut!
  • Its no longer possible to complete the Dock Song sidequest multiple times. Thanks to MoreUmlaut for reporting this.
  • Pinatas have experienced a holiday-related growth surge.

And I’m spent. Back to working on PvP for me.


Electronics is in!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

So, there’s finally something more to do with your electrical kits than electrocute gangers. The bare bones of Electronics is in, there are a few notable things missing which I’ll get to in a bit.

Here’s how it works:

  • Get some electrical components. These drop (primarily from Drones) when you have your electrical kit equipped.
  • Learn something about electronics. If all else fails, there are always books… where you’d expect to find books.
  • Go to the crafting screen from your inventory or click over from chemistry if you’re already into that.
  • The ‘recipes’ up top are circuits. This works totally differently from chemistry. Circuits won’t generally be learned from experimentation, more from books or other knowledge.
  • Down at the bottom you can upgrade devices using the circuits you’ve created.

Here’s what’s missing:

  • Computer stuff. As we don’t have hacking in yet, Electronics will grow in leaps and bounds once we get it in.
  • Cybernetics stuff. Same with hacking. You’ll see a lot more of this once we have cyberwear.

So, keep in mind Electronics is a growth industry. As of now, there are thirteen items that can be created through upgrades and some of the circuits are useful on their own.


Inventory Shakeup

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

To improve loading times and organization (as well as make space for a crafting link) I’ve split up the Inventory page into three pages. Seems to be working okay but, as always, report if you have any problems.


Slags Quest In!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

The Slags quest is in! Along with it, we’ve got a bunch of new content. A quick overview.

  • Two new maps including a whole bunch (four or more depending on how I felt like counting) new adventure areas.
  • A whole bunch of new enemies and items. A few new Techniques and two new Skills as well.
  • Crafting is a step towards being fully realized. There is a side quest unlocking Chemistry experimentation. Also a ton of Crafting love in general, more than quadrupling the available recipes.
  • Housing now has a place on the header bar when you’re near your residence. Rest has also been moved to the left so it’ll be a bit more prominent.

Of course, with this much content, there will invariably be some bugs and balance issues. Report those up to me so we can get them sorted out!


Two new features! Thanksgiving! Awesome!

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone can find some special Thanksgiving themed treats in their mailbox. Enjoy!

I also added two new major features in preparation for the Slags quest. They’re just frameworks now, but please hammer at them, give feedback, and see if you can shake out any bugs.

  • There are now furnishing items which can be placed in your house. There are two of these as of right now. The TV is implemented now and the Chemistry Kit… well, you’ll see in a sec.
  • Crafting is also in. For the moment there are only a few Chemistry recipes, but these include a powerful caffeine and a new Technique, so it might be worth your while. Experimentation isn’t in yet, but is the next step.

Like I said, feedback and weird bugs welcome. Both housing and crafting will be expanded dramatically, but these are the first tentative Beta feelers.


More Tweaks

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Some tweaks incoming today, but nothing huge.

  • Increased the Energy yield of a lot of foods and drinks, particularly those found in later areas.
  • In related news, the University bookstore has expanded its repertoire to include overpriced chocolate (to go with the overpriced books) and the pinata has learned a few new tricks.
  • Increased the chain number on Light of the Eye, Rain of Bullets (now called Short Burst), and Precise Shot. This should even things out between melee and ranged a bit more.
  • Decreased the difficulty on Third Eye Thugs substantially. Thanks to Durgen for letting himself get ruthlessly curbstomped in the name of testing.

Also, there are a new pair of Skills in post-quest Southside park if you have the right perspective on things. Like most Skills, there is a choice between the two, depending on how you resolve the situation.


Changes in the Wind

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Lots of changes went in today. Most importantly, weapons have been upgraded noticeably, so unequip and reequip your weapons to get the new effect.

Bug fixes:

  • A bug was fixed where Contacts were not loading from map links properly. Thanks MoreUmlaut.
  • Effects are now cleared properly when you unequip the items that gave them.
  • The “Out of ” messages in combat are gone now. Finally tracked those down.

Other changes in no particular order:

  • There’s a new Technique available to be learned through exposure (and by “exposure” I mean, “getting beaten up by the Technique.”)
  • The way Eclipse works has been retooled with the new scripting function I talked about. Of note, the Eclipse-related Skills from the Docks now change the Buff you receive rather than adding another.
  • There are two new item effects in the game: Eclipse Duration and First Aid.
  • Buffs now display consistently with Items, Techniques, and Skills when you gain them.
  • The number of guards needed to get to the gang leader in the sewers has been dialed back. Thanks Puyo and Durgen for your feedback on this. I may also reduce the guards’ difficulty if the weapon buff doesn’t make it a non-issue.


Dark New Side Quest!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

So we’ve got some brand new content, a side quest of fairly epic proportions. Lots of choices to be made and some new content to explore. You could (in theory) complete this quest as soon as you get to the Docks, but it’s about the same difficulty as the University quest.

Four new Skills can be gained, each related to one way of completing the quest. One of these is a newfangled ‘usable’ skill (if you get this skill, you can use it from the Character link in the top pane).

There are also three different lead-ins for the quest. Each provides different material rewards, but you can in theory get all three. One of the rewards is a hacking preview item (it’ll be obvious which one if you get it).

Fair warning, the content of this quest is rather darker and more fantastic than the current main quest content. It shows much more of Eclipse’s full effects.

Some other new stuff:

  • Formatted using items a bit better, so it’s more obvious where the item effect begins and ends.
  • Added a Skills section on the info page.
  • There are now over hundred items in the item database.
  • Added some neat support for scripting. This will hopefully be transparent, but will make it easier for me to add complex items/encounters/skills in the future.


Firefox Bug Squashed And Other Updates

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

First off, the bug with combat images not appearing in Firefox should be resolved now. If you’re still having problems (or other browsers start having issues), please post here or use the bug reporting feature in game. Thanks to Puyo for pointing this out.

A few other quick developments:

  • Added more encounters throughout the Docks.
  • The remaining items without images should now all have images. Yay!
  • Quotation marks will now display correctly in messages.

Up Next:
There are several quests branching from the current state. Along with the University Quest (3rd in the main line), I’m also working on some sidequests in the Docks.