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Combat Updates

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

The big update today is a revamp of how enemies are treated, both NPC enemies and other players in gang warfare. Basically, the game now keeps track of various special traits about each enemy, such as whether they’re a drone and whether they’re wearing a gas mask.

This nerfs some Techniques and buffs others, but is mostly there so things make more sense. No longer will Helicopter Drones have coughing fits!

This was a long standing request, so lots of folks have asked for it. Give yourselves a pat on the back :)

Other Changes:

  • Internet Explorer users should be able to search in the Mall properly now across the board. Thanks to Happy Yeti for reporting this!
  • You can now talk to your old friend Mikhail if you do to the Deli without reading his note, if you so desire. Good sugestion, Argeth.
  • You can now talk to Dr. Amundsen about encryption even after you’ve freed Hel, although the text here will change with the Survivor’s quest. Good catch, Happy Yeti.
  • Fixed a weird crafting error at zero Energy. Thanks, Mag.
  • Also thanks to LlamaMan, Caradal, and Man Mobile for some typo catching :)



Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

By popular demand, multicrafting of recipes is now in.

  • Enter a number in the handy field to perform the recipe that many times or bust.
  • Enter a * to perform the recipe as many times as possible.
  • Enter a ? to tell you how many times * would perform the recipe, if you’re curious. This won’t cost energy or items, but will tell you if you don’t have enough energy or items to perform the recipe.

Thanks to everyone who suggested this on the forum thread and elsewhere. Special thanks to Kingdom of Loathing for the ‘*’ and ‘?’ standard.

If you run into any problems with multicrafting feel free to drop me a bug report or in-game message.


Taking Requests!

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Implimented a whole slew of player suggestions today, including a bunch from the Suggestion Thread on the Forums. Here’s the list of changes:

  • The inventory now has two columns. If this gives anyone problems, be sure to send me a message. Thanks to Nytmare for the suggestion and to ACM for pointing out when I broke inventory trying to get this working.
  • If you’re fighting multiple targets, your current target will say “(Targeted)” when you mouseover their portrait. You may need to clear your cache to see this change. Thanks to MoreUmlaut for the suggestion here.
  • The skill Ghoultouched got a power boost. It now scales as you go through the game. Thanks to Lord Finisher for pointing out it wasn’t really up to snuff.
  • When you go into the Techniques screen for the first time after receiving more Techniques, those Techniques will be bolded. Good suggestion, Nytmare!
  • Larry will now clarify his somewhat cryptic comment about Purification, if you so desire. Argeth pointed out this opportunity.
  • PaidPiedPiperPal suggested so many things they get their own section: Old Pill Bottles have a few new options, you can know bind defeated Twisted Hounds, the containment suit will protect you even falling in Lake Metroplex, Andrea will help you even if you go unconscious in her fight (but not if you run), and fortune cookies now give, ya know, fortunes. Extra thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal for all the good suggestions!
  • Also cleared up a bunch of typos thanks to Argeth, The Kitchen Sink, Nosside, Metro, Mag, A Naked Jew, and ACM. Thanks everyone!

Keep an eye here and on the forum over the next couple days, because I’m going to be looking for input on features and what order people want stuff tackled.


Today’s Updates

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

As you can imagine, most of today’s updates involve Gang Warfare. If you haven’t gotten into that yet, there is one update of note:

  • The Techniques page now orders by Chain number then alphabetically. This is purely a usability change, so if you feel this makes your life harder or easier, I’d love to hear feedback. Thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal for the push here.

On to the gang and gang warfare updates:

  • You should now receive mail messages when you win or lose defending an area. Love it? Hate it?
  • It now displays in the Gang Warfare screen within the Gangs options what areas your gang currently has a hold in. An item has appeared on the scene that also helps give this feedback.
  • There will now be a Gang link on the top pane for gang members. Thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal for pointing this one out.
  • Like profiles, gang pages now show a Previous, Random, and Next at the bottom. Should make looking for stuff a bit easier. Thanks to MoreUmlaut for the suggestion.
  • Your credits total in the character pane will now immediately update on creating a gang. Cheers to PaidPiedPiperPal for the bug report.
  • Performing gang actions (like whitelisting and blacklisting) from the profile screen will no longer temporarily make the target look like they’re part of your gang. Thanks to both MoreUmlaut and PaidPiedPiperPal for bringing this one to my attention.

Keep up the great work everybody! Keep the bug reports rolling in and have fun beating each other up a bit.


Today’s Updates

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Here’s the list of mostly bug fixes for today:

  • Sell Multi will now work properly. Thanks Sildra!
  • Trauma Tech will now display properly with other First Aid items. Thank you for the bug report, Argeth.
  • Flying Eyes now carry wings instead of pants. Thanks for noting the weird, MoreUmlaut.
  • Third Eye Poseur shouldn’t be more difficult than the actual Third Eyes now. Because that was a little silly.


Today’s Update Rampage

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Have a nice string of fixes and updates today.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • The Trauma Tech skills is now working properly (it also has the appropriate description.)
  • You can now view other players’ skills in their profiles. Thanks for the suggestion, PaidPiedPiperPal.
  • Effects (like Fae Blessing and Ocean Song) you receive from noncombat encounters will now begin counting after that encounter. Thanks to Argeth for the bug report.
  • Characters’ names in the messages screen now link to that character’s profile. Good suggestion, MoreUmlaut.
  • Choices should now redisplay their image (along with the introduction when you navigate away. Thanks to Argeth and everyone else who reported this.
  • And, lastly, moving between locations using Metros will now clear the location in your character pane properly. Thank you Twitch, for helping me notice this.


Caught Up

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Okay, I’m officially caught up on the reports from my vacation. The related storm of updates is listed below.

  • As a number of people have requested, avoiding encounters now doesn’t usually cause energy loss. If you see anything weird with this, drop me a bug report.
  • On a related note, running out of Techniques in a fight now drains Energy properly.
  • Masses of Tentacles encountered on the Slags beach now give XP and items like they’re supposed to. Thanks to Twitch for keeping at me about this.
  • Once you’ve bought a drink for the day at the Happy Hour, you can now reenter without buying another drink or expending Energy. Thanks Argeth.
  • Items whose “use” is selling them have been relabeled to make that clearer. Thanks again Argeth!
  • Items that give XP now grant it immediately instead of after your next encounter. Thanks MoreUmlaut!
  • Its no longer possible to complete the Dock Song sidequest multiple times. Thanks to MoreUmlaut for reporting this.
  • Pinatas have experienced a holiday-related growth surge.

And I’m spent. Back to working on PvP for me.


Congratulations, it’s a Wiki

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

By popular demand, a wiki has been created at Everyone’s free to register and add information. The wiki can also be accessed from

I’ve created the backbone structure and will keep an eye on things, but will keep myself out of the way as far as adding content goes. This both keeps me from ruining the fun of figuring things out and give me more time to work on the actual game.

If there are any problems with the wiki, feel free to contact me by the in-game bug report link.


Changes in the Wind

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Lots of changes went in today. Most importantly, weapons have been upgraded noticeably, so unequip and reequip your weapons to get the new effect.

Bug fixes:

  • A bug was fixed where Contacts were not loading from map links properly. Thanks MoreUmlaut.
  • Effects are now cleared properly when you unequip the items that gave them.
  • The “Out of ” messages in combat are gone now. Finally tracked those down.

Other changes in no particular order:

  • There’s a new Technique available to be learned through exposure (and by “exposure” I mean, “getting beaten up by the Technique.”)
  • The way Eclipse works has been retooled with the new scripting function I talked about. Of note, the Eclipse-related Skills from the Docks now change the Buff you receive rather than adding another.
  • There are two new item effects in the game: Eclipse Duration and First Aid.
  • Buffs now display consistently with Items, Techniques, and Skills when you gain them.
  • The number of guards needed to get to the gang leader in the sewers has been dialed back. Thanks Puyo and Durgen for your feedback on this. I may also reduce the guards’ difficulty if the weapon buff doesn’t make it a non-issue.