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Combat Retool

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

I’ve rewritten a lot of the combat code over the last couple of days, partially to lay the way for Survivors’ stuff and partially just because it was getting unmanageable.

The big upshots going forward are:

  • Ease of adding Techniques that do neat stuff.
  • More places to hook neat stuff (it’s way easier to have effects triggering on defenses now, for example).
  • Speed and stability in the combat script (which honestly hasn’t been much of a problem).

So obviously most of the changes are “under the hood,” so to speak. But if you see anything weird, be sure to tell me. I’d expect it to be pretty obvious, like PHP errors whenever you use a certain Technique.

Changes that you may notice are listed below. I apologize in advance if I missed any. I cleaned up a lot of code while I was moving stuff around.

  • There should be less variance in damage when you get battles between opponents with high power and high defense. Overall, this ends up being a defenses buff as well.
  • Reactive Defense has gotten a separate boost that I’ve been meaning to give it for a while. I’m still a bit torn, so feel free to play around with it for a bit and give some feedback.
  • Stunning attacks that logically need to do damage to have an effect (like Live Wire) now can be evaded. Thanks for the suggestion, Nyther.
  • Running out of options no longer lets you escape inescapable fights, which is to say you now get beaten up rather than running. Thanks for pointing out the weirdness, Llamaman.
  • To make the above less obnoxious, trying to flee will no longer clear your hand. Striking with an empty chain still will, though.
  • Reactive Defense should apply to end of round damage (like Dynamite) consistently now.
  • In the “very minor change” department, tweaked the way Brutality is gained. It should be easier to get some, but harder to get an overwhelming amount. We’ll see :)



Monday, September 21st, 2009

Alrighty, a couple updates over the past few days.

  • When you have multiple opponents in combat or net combat, you should have a little arrow indicator showing which you have targeted. Thanks to Al for the little arrow indicator and everyone who’s tried to convince me to do this over the previous months.
  • The drones that Officer Stone brings on are now appropriately replaced when you’re etheric. Thanks Llamaman!
  • Officer Stone now stops appearing when he goes into hiding to figure out his next step, rather than waiting until he’s finally defeated. Good suggestion, Llamaman!
  • Fleeing from a Gang Warfare fight will give the appropriate name for the person you’re fleeing from. Nice catch Llamaman! There seems to be some sort of pattern with this week’s bug reports, but I just can’t put my finger on it.
  • While I was in working on the targeting update, fixed an issue where net combat would go all sorts of crazy if you disabled the defenses on the right first. Good job, self!
  • Also fixed up some typos courtesy of Mag, fr00d, and Rykar. Thanks!


Combat Updates

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Did some rescripting for combat.

  • The most noticeable change is that evasion now displays the amount of damage you took rather than the amount you avoided, so you don’t have to do math to determine the final damage. Thanks to Mr. Green for the suggestion.
  • Special Techniques are now run as they’re actually displayed, so you won’t have weird things like getting poisoned by an enemy that never actually stabbed you. Thanks to Mag for pointing out this one was being a bit weird.
  • Dynamite now actually triggers at the end of the round as a totally separate thing rather than being cobbled on as an extra attack.

That’s it!


Combat Updates

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

The big update today is a revamp of how enemies are treated, both NPC enemies and other players in gang warfare. Basically, the game now keeps track of various special traits about each enemy, such as whether they’re a drone and whether they’re wearing a gas mask.

This nerfs some Techniques and buffs others, but is mostly there so things make more sense. No longer will Helicopter Drones have coughing fits!

This was a long standing request, so lots of folks have asked for it. Give yourselves a pat on the back :)

Other Changes:

  • Internet Explorer users should be able to search in the Mall properly now across the board. Thanks to Happy Yeti for reporting this!
  • You can now talk to your old friend Mikhail if you do to the Deli without reading his note, if you so desire. Good sugestion, Argeth.
  • You can now talk to Dr. Amundsen about encryption even after you’ve freed Hel, although the text here will change with the Survivor’s quest. Good catch, Happy Yeti.
  • Fixed a weird crafting error at zero Energy. Thanks, Mag.
  • Also thanks to LlamaMan, Caradal, and Man Mobile for some typo catching :)


Combat Revamp

Friday, December 19th, 2008

I’m currently in the middle of revamping the combat code to pave the way for PvP. Once I’m done, as a pleasant side effect, we’ll have the more options to tweak enemies. For example, the living oil slick you might encounter outside the Slags will take more damage from fire.

Edit: The data revamps on enemies are done. You should now see the effects above. As another pleasant side effect, Defense against various types of Techniques should now be more effective.

As always, send in any problems I manage to cause or general commentary as Bug Reports or comments on this thread.