Alrighty, a couple updates over the past few days.

  • When you have multiple opponents in combat or net combat, you should have a little arrow indicator showing which you have targeted. Thanks to Al for the little arrow indicator and everyone who’s tried to convince me to do this over the previous months.
  • The drones that Officer Stone brings on are now appropriately replaced when you’re etheric. Thanks Llamaman!
  • Officer Stone now stops appearing when he goes into hiding to figure out his next step, rather than waiting until he’s finally defeated. Good suggestion, Llamaman!
  • Fleeing from a Gang Warfare fight will give the appropriate name for the person you’re fleeing from. Nice catch Llamaman! There seems to be some sort of pattern with this week’s bug reports, but I just can’t put my finger on it.
  • While I was in working on the targeting update, fixed an issue where net combat would go all sorts of crazy if you disabled the defenses on the right first. Good job, self!
  • Also fixed up some typos courtesy of Mag, fr00d, and Rykar. Thanks!


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