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Corrections, mostly

Monday, September 27th, 2010

First off, fixed some typos thanks to Mag, Llamaman, Cryptodynamic, and TeKRunneR.

You can also now see ranks (Fishing/Chess) on your character sheet, not just your profile. Thanks for the suggestion, Durgen! Also, welcome back :)

Also caught some serious bugs on the Survivors’ side of things:

  • Lo will now respond consistently to different numbers of items handed in. Thanks Al!
  • Injecting and receiving protein code should now be working properly. Thanks for the (repeated) bug reports, Argeth!
  • Hel now responds correctly to certain evidence. Good catch, Mag!
  • Also, getting hit hard enough with a spade will no longer give you Oily Blood. Good eyes, Llamaman.


Weekend Updates

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

First off a couple of updates I mentioned on yesterday’s podcast:

  • You should now be able to make it through the abandoned buildings in the Slags Quest without combat. You’ll notice I didn’t say it was easy or straightforward. Thanks for reminding me about this, Wyrd!
  • Tweaked the difficulty of a few fights in the revamped Sewer Hideout to more closely match their old versions. Thanks for the feedback, TeKRunneR.
  • There’s now a speargun Technique hidden in the most insidious place imaginable. Thanks for nudging me on this one, Mag.

And some more suggestions:

  • The Charnel House (first time) should respond a little more cleanly to leaving and reentering the premises. Thanks, Llamaman!
  • Errors when sending messages now returns your subject and text. Thanks for the suggestion, TeKRunneR and Wyrd.
  • You can now see your day and energy count for your current reset on your character sheet until you choose your survivor. Good thought, Xerf!
  • Aqua Regia now works on the Slags Lab doors. Good call, Llamaman.

And fixed some bugs:

  • Corrected an error where you weren’t always flagged as knowing about Yggdrasil. Good catch, Llamaman. Added a bit more conversation since I was thinking about it, too.
  • Fixed a script running twice on the gang boss fight. Thanks TeKRunneR!
  • Corrected some errors with the mushroom folk in the sewers. Thanks Factitious.!
  • Sorted out a long-standing bug with the scanners. Good catch, Xerf!
  • Special underwater fights now properly stay underwater. Thanks for the bug report, Thunderbird!

We also have some typo fixes thanks to Al, Mag, GoldS, Wyrd, and Argeth! Wooooooo!

And, I’m spent.


Combat Updates

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

The big update today is a revamp of how enemies are treated, both NPC enemies and other players in gang warfare. Basically, the game now keeps track of various special traits about each enemy, such as whether they’re a drone and whether they’re wearing a gas mask.

This nerfs some Techniques and buffs others, but is mostly there so things make more sense. No longer will Helicopter Drones have coughing fits!

This was a long standing request, so lots of folks have asked for it. Give yourselves a pat on the back :)

Other Changes:

  • Internet Explorer users should be able to search in the Mall properly now across the board. Thanks to Happy Yeti for reporting this!
  • You can now talk to your old friend Mikhail if you do to the Deli without reading his note, if you so desire. Good sugestion, Argeth.
  • You can now talk to Dr. Amundsen about encryption even after you’ve freed Hel, although the text here will change with the Survivor’s quest. Good catch, Happy Yeti.
  • Fixed a weird crafting error at zero Energy. Thanks, Mag.
  • Also thanks to LlamaMan, Caradal, and Man Mobile for some typo catching :)


Today’s Updates

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

A few small updates today, but important enough to be worth noting.

  • The Dock Song quest should now be completable for the fishy side. Thanks Durgen for the bug report.
  • The Twisted Hounds now have better Risk vs. Reward. Which is to say, they’re not any easier but you get more XP and potentially interesting new item drops from them. You can thank Szodrin for this one.
  • Mikhail should now direct you to the Slags properly if everyone else is dead. The Slags quest still isn’t implemented, but this should get you to the right spot with everyone else.


Update Chain

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Lots of little updates today, mostly requested by the Beta Testers. Yay! Go Beta Testers!

Here’s what we’ve got:

  • There is a ‘Continue On’ link in the Rest page now. You always could do this, it just wasn’t very obvious. Thanks to IPwnN00bs and Puyo for this one.
  • Body and Hunger now accumulate as Energy does (up to 4 days’ worth). Thanks for the suggestion Szodrin.
  • There are now far more detailed descriptions of the Techniques. This one is thanks to Durgen.
  • On a related note, you can now see Technique descriptions in battle by double-clicking the Technique.
  • Third Eye Drunks are no longer super powered compared to the rest of the Third Eye. Thanks again to Durgen for pointing this out.
  • ‘Multi’ links are now hidden when you only have one of a given item.
  • Lo will now respond correctly if Dr. Amundsen is killed.

And that’s it. Thanks for everyone’s help! I’ve also been hard at work on the Slags, so look forward to that.


Quest Log!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Added in a fairly in depth quest log system. It is brand new and shiny, so if there are any problems, be sure to tell me.

The quest log can be accessed by clicking on the Quests link in the top pane.


Feedback and Fixes

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Lots of awesome feedback today and a bunch of fixes to go along with it. Hopefully will have some time to get cracking on the Slags quest (quest 4 in the main chain) tomorrow.

List of some fixes:

  • PHP errors in attack.php should be resolved. If you get any more of these, copy/paste the full error into a bug report. Thanks Durgen for finding this one.
  • The chess encounter in Southside Park should now be working properly. Expect a revamp on this one in not terribly long, but it should be working for now.
  • Firefox users should now see less blue/purple in general and more images on the info page. Advise me of any other Firefox strangeness.
  • The description windows for items/skills/techniques should now be larger and allow scrolling if it needs it.

Bonus change: the Skill ‘Ghoultouched’ can now be turned on and off from the character pane. No more embarrassing accidental cannibalism.


More Tweaks

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Some tweaks incoming today, but nothing huge.

  • Increased the Energy yield of a lot of foods and drinks, particularly those found in later areas.
  • In related news, the University bookstore has expanded its repertoire to include overpriced chocolate (to go with the overpriced books) and the pinata has learned a few new tricks.
  • Increased the chain number on Light of the Eye, Rain of Bullets (now called Short Burst), and Precise Shot. This should even things out between melee and ranged a bit more.
  • Decreased the difficulty on Third Eye Thugs substantially. Thanks to Durgen for letting himself get ruthlessly curbstomped in the name of testing.

Also, there are a new pair of Skills in post-quest Southside park if you have the right perspective on things. Like most Skills, there is a choice between the two, depending on how you resolve the situation.


Changes in the Wind

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Lots of changes went in today. Most importantly, weapons have been upgraded noticeably, so unequip and reequip your weapons to get the new effect.

Bug fixes:

  • A bug was fixed where Contacts were not loading from map links properly. Thanks MoreUmlaut.
  • Effects are now cleared properly when you unequip the items that gave them.
  • The “Out of ” messages in combat are gone now. Finally tracked those down.

Other changes in no particular order:

  • There’s a new Technique available to be learned through exposure (and by “exposure” I mean, “getting beaten up by the Technique.”)
  • The way Eclipse works has been retooled with the new scripting function I talked about. Of note, the Eclipse-related Skills from the Docks now change the Buff you receive rather than adding another.
  • There are two new item effects in the game: Eclipse Duration and First Aid.
  • Buffs now display consistently with Items, Techniques, and Skills when you gain them.
  • The number of guards needed to get to the gang leader in the sewers has been dialed back. Thanks Puyo and Durgen for your feedback on this. I may also reduce the guards’ difficulty if the weapon buff doesn’t make it a non-issue.


Update Chain

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Corrected a few bugs and added some features today. Nothing mindbending, but if you think of anything that would improve your experience, use the bug report feature to get it up to me.


  • The link to rest from the apartment screen in Southside is now working. Thanks to Durgen for pointing this out.
  • Single Shot now displays properly in Firefox. Thanks again to Durgen on this one.


  • ‘Fight Again’ has been changed to the less confusing ‘Continue On.’ Thanks to Puyo for pointing out that was a little weird.
  • Added links in the messages you get from being out of energy to the info page.
  • The appropriate images now appear when you learn a Technique or Skill. The image and text are both clickable to get a description, as they are with items.
  • Skill images also appear in the character sheet now.
  • The Techniques link in the top pane is now highlighted when you have new Techniques. As a note, this isn’t persistent between sessions.