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Seamless Rollover

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Okay, today we get a taste of the real Beta experience. I’ve made a code change that may or may not do terrible things, we’ll just have to see :)

In theory today at the normal time (8 PM Eastern), rollover and the granting of new energy should be completely seamless. No logoff, no blip, no nothing.

If this is messed up, pretty much the only thing that should happen is not getting Energy/Hunger/Body. If that happens, by all means send in a bug report, but you should be fine after logging out and back in.

Similarly, if it lags the hell out of the game or does anything really weird, give me a holler.

I’ve been meaning to try this for a while, but specific thanks to plus4 for reminding me.


Update Chain

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Lots of little updates today, mostly requested by the Beta Testers. Yay! Go Beta Testers!

Here’s what we’ve got:

  • There is a ‘Continue On’ link in the Rest page now. You always could do this, it just wasn’t very obvious. Thanks to IPwnN00bs and Puyo for this one.
  • Body and Hunger now accumulate as Energy does (up to 4 days’ worth). Thanks for the suggestion Szodrin.
  • There are now far more detailed descriptions of the Techniques. This one is thanks to Durgen.
  • On a related note, you can now see Technique descriptions in battle by double-clicking the Technique.
  • Third Eye Drunks are no longer super powered compared to the rest of the Third Eye. Thanks again to Durgen for pointing this out.
  • ‘Multi’ links are now hidden when you only have one of a given item.
  • Lo will now respond correctly if Dr. Amundsen is killed.

And that’s it. Thanks for everyone’s help! I’ve also been hard at work on the Slags, so look forward to that.