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OmniMall 0.3

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

OmniTech is pleased to announce a special holiday update to OmniMall.

  • OmniMall is now able to handle gift transfers (whether goods or Credits) for a negligible fee. Not only can you do all your holiday shopping on OmniMall, now your recipients can pick them up without either of you leaving the comfort of your Net connection!
  • For those who are already members, OmniMall is now available anytime and anywhere through our new comm site.
  • When placing an order in OmniMall that matches existing orders, you will now be informed of this rather than immediately filling them.
  • A new expert system helper, Malla the Llama, was introduced to suggest how to fill existing orders.
  • When you send a gift to someone who has access to OmniMall, they will receive an automated message.
  • Malla the Llama was removed after three testers destroyed their comms and stormed out of the building.
  • “Lack of Malla the Llama” added to features list.

Thank you for shopping OmniTech.