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OmniMall 0.3

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

OmniTech is pleased to announce a special holiday update to OmniMall.

  • OmniMall is now able to handle gift transfers (whether goods or Credits) for a negligible fee. Not only can you do all your holiday shopping on OmniMall, now your recipients can pick them up without either of you leaving the comfort of your Net connection!
  • For those who are already members, OmniMall is now available anytime and anywhere through our new comm site.
  • When placing an order in OmniMall that matches existing orders, you will now be informed of this rather than immediately filling them.
  • A new expert system helper, Malla the Llama, was introduced to suggest how to fill existing orders.
  • When you send a gift to someone who has access to OmniMall, they will receive an automated message.
  • Malla the Llama was removed after three testers destroyed their comms and stormed out of the building.
  • “Lack of Malla the Llama” added to features list.

Thank you for shopping OmniTech.


Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

I probably mentioned getting sick after GenCon (because that’s how I roll). I’m almost useful again, just getting back into the swing of things.

  • The Omnimall now opens the first time you visit the net after completing the main quest. As far as experiments go, having it open with the Net was interesting, but ultimately not worth pursuing.
  • The “Unplug” links should work consistently now, not giving errors about not being connected. Thanks Dfmchfhf.
  • Fixed some weirdness with the interaction of multiple file scan programs. Good catch, Rykar!
  • The gallery visor should now give a more appropriate message if you are not part of a gang or your gang doesn’t have any target galleries. Thanks for checking that one, Harrakan.
  • And thanks to Dfmchfhf, Argeth, Happy Yeti, fr00d, and Sir Cheddar for help ferreting out some typos. :)


Today’s Updates

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Whole bunch of updates today. Mostly expanding the Chat interface, but snuck in a few other updates as well.


  • At the bottom of chat it’ll show who’s viewed that chat recently (last five minutes or so). Good suggestion, the Kitchen Sink.
  • The Gang Warfare messages showing up in chat have been revamped. I think they’re clearer, but the secret is this: the first name listed is your gangmate.
  • The autorefresh should no longer clear out what you’ve been typing. Good catch, Cryptodynamic.
  • Your name will now also show up in bold in the chat as it does in the gang log. Thanks for the suggestion, The Kitchen Sink.
  • When you mouseover a comment in chat, it’ll display the time posted. Remember that is server time, which is set to GMT. Thanks for the suggestion, Cryptodynamic! Always up for a good excuse to use mouseover text.

Other Stuff

  • You can now search in the OmniMall ignoring items in your inventory/equipped by checking the “Listings Only” checkbox right under the search. Thanks for the suggestion, Wyrd!
  • The Gang Log now includes people entering the gang, leaving the gang, promotions, and demotions. These are under a new section called ‘Members.’ It’s pretty cool. Good suggestion, The Kitchen Sink.
  • Shard will now be encounterable after luring a guard away. Thanks for the bug report, Cryptodynamic!
  • The Mall Previews on the front page now have images. It’s kind of shocking how much more interesting that makes them look. Good call, RazielSonOfKain!
  • Third Eye Stashes you collect from now on (using Big M’s Maps) will now show up under your completed quests. Good suggestion, Harrakan.
  • Also corrected a typo from PaidPiedPiperPal.


More Mall Mostly

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Two more Mall changes.

  • The service charge amount has been reduced (temporarily if not permanently), to 2% minimum 5 credits.
  • You can now retract your own orders directly from the item page. Thanks for the suggestion, The Kitchen Sink.

Some other changes:

  • Lo now acknowledges than you’ve been sent to see Dr. Amundsen. Good call, DanBob.
  • Corrected some typos from Wyrd, who needs no definite article.

Tomorrow is jobhunting and working on the University Quest retool. Some cool stuff coming up there (the quest, not the jobs).


Mall Upgrades

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Welcome to OmniMall 0.2

Added a couple new hotly requested features and another handful of bug fixes to the Mall today.

  • You can now view your own orders and retract orders you’ve placed. Thanks for the suggestion PaidPiedPiperPal, Shademaster00, and Mr. Green.
  • You can also search for items by category or use category to narrow your search. Good suggestion, Jick.
  • Entering insane values into the mall should give you feedback instead of PHP errors. Thanks for the bughunting, Shademaster00.

Some other fixes/new features as well:

  • The option to show all bonuses from yesterday has already been upgraded. It now updates whenever your bonuses change (if you have it open). Good suggestion, Al.
  • Skill names when you receive them should be clickable like items, effects, and techniques. Good catch, Shademaster00.
  • On a related note, the feedback using the Sea Lord’s Crown should recognize if you’ve already gotten it’s primary benefit. Thanks for the feedback, Shademaster00.
  • Also, thanks to The Kitchen Sink for snagging some typos.


Net and Mall

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Hello everyone!

Shiny new feature today. The Mall is in!

Now, it won’t sneak up and punch you in the kidneys, you’ll have to track it down, but I don’t think it’ll be terribly hard. The rest of the Net is sparse for now, but if you’re wondering why the unlock is a little weird, it all ties together.

With the Mall being what it is, please hammer at it and see if you can make anything break off. If there are going to be infinite money/item/whatever bugs, this is a piece of code that’d introduce them.

Quick Edit: If you reset, your existing orders will still be posted, but the resulting items/credits will be put in storage with the rest of the stuff from your old life.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help :) And now I can get back to handling my backlog of requests and bug reports!