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Unhallowed Fixes

Monday, November 4th, 2013

As with any good harvest festival, we had a bumper crop of bugs and suggestions around Halloween time. Add in a bunch of new players, stir, and you get this list! (more…)

All Hallow’s Fixes

Monday, October 28th, 2013

October’s been a busy month, so we have another round of improvements and bug fixes. (more…)

September Bug Fixes

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Well, September’s wrapping up and damned if it wasn’t a good month for bug fixes. This phase Novos rollout went surprisingly smoothly, by which I mean most of the reports were small issues or typos. (more…)

April Bugs Bring May Flowers

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Novos continues to be our big source of bugs. It’s probably not irony, but meta-bugs do amuse me.

  • Fixed some Novos crash bugs thanks to Factitious and Happy Yeti.
  • Also corrected the case of the disappearing pointer in Novos. Thanks for the bug report, xKiv.
  • Gang warfare messages should report victory or failure regardless of why the battle ended. Good eyes, PenguinPyro.
  • Various results of designer vine crafting are now properly usable thanks to Al, GoldS, and Valmo. Thanks!

Also, thanks to Dennis, Mag, Happy Yeti, Factitious, Al, Arkaim, Cryptodynamic, GoldS, and DoctrZombie for some help fixing typos.


Halloween Thanks

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

I’d like to take a second to thank everyone who helped corral bugs during Halloween and the aftermath. There was a lot of content and, as you will, a lot of bugs.

GoldS, Mag, Vholes Piper, Dennis, Al, Cryptodynamic, Xerf, Thrillhouse, Happy Yeti, Factitious, Barton26, and Heriodule helped out with typo reports. You rule!

We also had GoldS, Happy Yeti, Cryptodynamic, Argeth, Garbal, Heriodule, and Al with full-on bugs. Thank you!

Along with everyone here, thank you to everyone who participated and just enjoyed the content.


May Bug Fixes

Monday, May 28th, 2012

We have a couple bug fixes and a massive pile of typos to report from the month of May.

  • Cheating into the Slags computers should clear any alerts you may have. Good suggestion ShadowWolf.
  • Made some tweaks to the Quad quest. Thanks for the suggestions Al and Happy Yeti!
  • Red Metal Gaze should properly count as “sciency” again. Good catch Valmo!

Thanks to Nyther, Cryptodynamic, PenguinPyro, Xerf, Happy Yeti, Al, DerMagus, Arkaim, Vholes Piper, and xKiv for reporting those typos.


Fix Catch-Up

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Sometime around Halloween, minor bug fixes stopped getting reported in the shuffle. Sorry if you helped me fix something and I didn’t manage to thank you.

A few fixes I have notes for:

  • Fixed an error clicking on your current avatar. Good catch, Al!
  • Corrected some issues with the Halloween candy grab bag. Thanks, Dennis and Heriodule!
  • I stopped reporting minor bug fixes. Thanks for pointing that out, Mag!

Also thanks to (at least) Vholes Piper, BigBellyJarelli, Dan, Cryptodynamic, Borkman, Factitious, Mag, Isladar, pete, suuljin, Thrillhouse, Happy Yeti, and Thrillhouse for reporting typos.


Dr. Amundsen, Mostly

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Made a couple of updates to Dr. Amundsen’s branch of the Survivors’ Quest today.

  • Decreased the difficulty of the hacking opponents a bit to give that path a leg up.
  • Added a bit of additional information to the quest log for this quest.
  • The choice adventure where you can use recordings won’t even let you try now without appropriate hardware. Hopefully that will be less confusing.

In other updates:

  • Added a Search Again option on target search and its big brother. Thanks for the suggestion, Mag!
  • Also added a “Send Only” option for gang message updates, for you gang leaders out there. Good suggestion, Vholes.
  • Also corrected some typos thanks to Cryptodynamic, Happy Yeti, Vholes Piper, and Thrillhouse.


Happy November!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Halloween has come and gone, but a few new friends are here to stay (in the Happy Hour). Thanks to Glass for getting that thought process moving.

We’ve also got some other updates:

  • Old messages are now deleted based on how long it’s been since they were read, not since they were sent. Thanks to Morwen for the suggestion.
  • Simple crafting now allows you to use recipes at 0 Energy. Thanks for the bug report, Fashtas!
  • Expanded the quest log for the Slags Antidote quest a bit. Thanks Perrers!
  • Bait Bluegill should now interact correctly with other baits. Good eyes, Mike_Liviar!

Thanks to Cryptodynamic, Mag, Nyther, Antone, Al, Happy Yeti, GoldS, Metro, and Factitious for typo fixes (Halloween and otherwise).

Apologies if I missed any updates. The last few weeks have been a little hectic :)


Spooooooky Tome

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Added a couple new tricks to the Tome of Binding. On a totally unrelated note, some of you may have a spooooooky present waiting out there.

Fixed some pretty noticeable bugs:

  • Fixed an SQL Injection (read: very bad) security flaw, thanks to Elias. You rule!
  • Fixed a bug where earthly runs weren’t being recorded for season resets. Thanks for the bug report, Happy Yeti. And for, you know, not killing me :)
  • Corrected some issues with simple recipes. Thanks to Vholes Piper, Al, and DerMagus.

Also corrected some typos thanks to Kranodor, Suuljin, Mag, and Factitious. Go team!