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Dr. Amundsen, Mostly

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Made a couple of updates to Dr. Amundsen’s branch of the Survivors’ Quest today.

  • Decreased the difficulty of the hacking opponents a bit to give that path a leg up.
  • Added a bit of additional information to the quest log for this quest.
  • The choice adventure where you can use recordings won’t even let you try now without appropriate hardware. Hopefully that will be less confusing.

In other updates:

  • Added a Search Again option on target search and its big brother. Thanks for the suggestion, Mag!
  • Also added a “Send Only” option for gang message updates, for you gang leaders out there. Good suggestion, Vholes.
  • Also corrected some typos thanks to Cryptodynamic, Happy Yeti, Vholes Piper, and Thrillhouse.


Survivors’ Quest Release!

Friday, July 30th, 2010

The Survivors’ Quest is officially out!

It should be available now for everyone who’s completed the Slags Quest. Just talk to Hel.

You may also have a bit of a present in the mail if you have been participating in the Beta Reset contest. There’s a new contest (oh yes) that I’ll let everyone figure out as they get there.

The High Road/Low Road from the Slags Quest has been revamped. It’s both a lot more interactive and probably a little harsher until it’s figured out. Also, there’s a new recipe from old components that might be of interest.

With the good news out of the way, I’d like to ask for three things:

  • Report bugs as you find them, because there will be bugs. Oh will there be bugs.
  • Forgive me in advance for being slammed and not fixing said bugs in a very timely manner.
  • Don’t worry too much about balance at first. Stuff will need to be tweaked, I’m sure, but we need to get all the fixing and discovering out of the way first.


Countdown to Doomsday

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Tick tock.

The Survivors’ Quest is complete but still needs to go through internal (read: me) testing.

Barring something totally bizarre happening, the quest will go live exactly a week from now. So July 31st server time.

So why am I warning everyone in advance?
Well, because I said I’d warn everyone in advance. And because, well, it’s the Survivors’ Quest and some people might want to see it with a certain set of survivor(s) or otherwise get their affairs in order.

Will their be a July Unearthly Item?
No promises. I’d rather this go smoothly than get out the Unearthly Item.

Any other changes going in?
There are a couple changes that I’ll be making to the Slags quest, hopefully before the Survivors’ Quest goes in. After that, I’m sure I’ll be spending enough time on bug reports that I won’t think about new content for a bit.

What about the Beta Reset contest?
The rewards will be going out when the Survivors’ Quest rolls. The contest to go along with the survivors will be a different sort of contest, but that will grow and change over the next few months.

Tick tock?
Tick tock.


Updates, Get yer Updates!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

It’s time for another round of updates reports. Just a load of small stuff, for the most part.

  • Everyone’s favorite bum now gives more Techniques when you train with him.
  • Changing avatars now works properly in Opera and IE. Thanks for the bug report, fr00d.
  • Sending profits to your smuggler now works properly when hitting enter. Good note, Valera!
  • If you’re using the “Metros in Header” option under account options, it’ll now be hidden while you’re inside the Slags. Good suggestion, Lord Finisher.
  • The classic handgun recipe now displays properly. Good catch, Juntao!
  • The inventory screen will say when you have nothing equipped, rather than skipping straight into the list. Good suggestion, ManMobile.
  • Corrected an issue where multiple puzzle box moves would do the same thing. Thanks PaidPiedPiperPal!
  • The ordering of hideout upgrades on the hideout screen should be consistent across areas, regardless of what order you bought them in. Good call, Olaf.
  • Fixed a bug where area of effect attacks can cause too much damage under special situations. Thanks, Valera!
  • Also, thanks to Mag, PaidPiedPiperPal, and Wyrd for helping me squash some typos.

Status wise: I’m in crunch mode trying to get the first block of Survivors’ Quest content out before Gen Con rolls around. If it ends up being a trade between time and quality, though, I’ll put it off until after the Con.