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Forty-Eight Seasons of Zack

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

We’ve been on our current rotation scheme at Zack’s for a long time now and things are getting a little crowded. (more…)

New on Halloween?

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

If you’re a new player, welcome aboard! (more…)

Devblog? Nooooooo!

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Okay, nobody probably misses the default WordPress theme. Humor me for a second. (more…)

State of the Game (Year 3)

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Metroplexity’s grown another year, giving us a good chance to review the last year and look forward on the year to come. I haven’t done a “State of the Game” in quite a while, but it’s nice to get something a little more concrete than the podcast.

Executive Summary (aka tl;dr)
I learned a lot of hard lessons about how to keep the content flowing in the last year. Hopefully those will bring us Oldtown, some quality events, a slate of Unearthly Items, and a constant flow of little content pieces between the big stuff.

Thoughts on Last Year
We had another good Halloween and Christmas, with the Virus Outbreak rounding out the events list. That seems like a good number of events, although I’d like to get a holiday in the “dry” part of the year.

Cybernetics went in, way ahead of schedule and rather low bug, which I’m really happy with.

One thing I think we really need to work on is the pace of content being released, especially the Unearthly Items. One of my big goals for the coming year is to get those on track. I’d like to see those coming through every month or at least every other month.

I’d also like to continue the trend of splitting time between tiny bits of content and whatever big project I’m working on. That should help a lot with the content flow problems we had towards the beginning of the year.

Thoughts on Next Year
So, we’re headed into the holiday season, so I’ll be putting some effort into that at first. I’m also gearing up for the Oldtown quest, which will probably be my biggest project for the year.

After about two years, I finally came up with the holiday I want to drop in to the “dry” season. Hopefully I’ll get to unveil that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a non-holiday world event as well, applying some of what we learned from the Virus Outbreak. That’s the first thing that’s jettisoned if we’re behind, however, so I don’t want to reveal too much and get people’s hopes up.

Beyond those things, unearthly items, and the small bits of content I want to slip in while we’re waiting for bigger releases… well, that comes up to about a year, I’d say. There’s so much other stuff I’d like to see, but we’ll see what I can sneak out in those bite-sized updates.

The other big thing for this year… maybe it doesn’t excite anyone else, but we’re planning to expand our Con presence, which I’m really stoked about. Last year we did Con on the Cob. This year we’re planning to do Origins, along with scouting out some other types of cons to see where folks might be interested.


The Mirror Unleashed

Monday, July 18th, 2011

After quite the dry spell, Zack has managed to land the find of the century: a whole collection of antique floor mirrors, each broken the same way and each replete with twisted reflections of another world.

There are two things I want to mention about this Unearthly Item before you jump in:

  • The mirror has, by far, the largest amount of content that’s ever been in an unearthly item. As such, it’s three unearthly coins rather than the usual one or two.
  • The mirror’s the first item that’s designed from the ground up with the item rotation model in mind. It doesn’t care code-wise, but I hope you’ll find there are reasons to gaze into both during the main quest and afterwards.

This also marks the beginning of the Third Season of the Seasonal Reset contest. To celebrate, I’ve added three more Conducts… although I make no promises anyone will ever get one of them, you’ve proven your resourcefulness in the past and it seems a shame not to include it.

Mua ha. Mua ha ha ha ha!


Abominable Christmas Content

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Along with a layer of freshly fallen snow (not pictured), Christmas celebrations have begun full blast.

The University’s Abominable Snowman contest has kicked off again with a little twist here and there. Don’t expect too many surprises, just plenty of good, clean, abominable fun on the Quad (assuming you’ve cleared out those bothersome protesters).

Rumor has it that Christmas trees are hung up on the Docks again. There might be some way to free them from their bonds, but I’d probably get ahold of a tree one way or another before Christmas.


November’s Unearthly Item

Friday, November 26th, 2010

A new book is available at Zack’s, working pretty similarly to Urban Legends Vol. 1 in that it grants a permanent skill that is run off Eclipse. They also share the same timer, so having both gives options rather than being absolutely necessary.

It gives a bit of a peek into what could have happened on Halloween and the stuff still lurking out there. It also has some neat stuff hidden in there (could I resist?), but is mostly intended as a straightforward item to add a little flavor to resets.

I think folks will like it :)

Anyway, Season 2 of the Seasonal Resets officially starts now.

The rewards for Season 1 will be handed out once any remaining competitive Season 1 runs are in. For reference, you’ll collect them by going to the Season 1 reset board after you’ve finished the Survivors’ quest.


Halloween Address

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

In the interest of catching up our new players (hi everybody!) and getting everyone else on the same page, I figured I’d post about our Halloween festivities.

The Surface
Right now, at Metroplex University, the student body is gearing up for it’s big Halloween bash. With the help of Metroplex’s largest company, Midgard Industries, the student body has managed to contract a major band called Emerald Gift.

Everybody’s got an opinion and almost everybody wants tickets. The student council has decided to channel the latter into a fundraising drive, which you can participate in if you have some credits to burn at the University bookstore.

Halloween and Metroplexity
So, if I have a personal weakness it’s probably that I go all out with the holidays in Metroplexity. I probably should be working on something like new quests or crafting recipes or something.

But even among these holidays, Halloween kind of stands out. It’s where Metroplexity’s philosophy of giving the players as many choices as possible runs headlong into it being an online game.

The choices that everyone makes in the next phase of the Halloween content (starting this weekend unless it kills me) affect everyone, deciding the course of that phase and the final party.

Last Year
Last year, Metroplex University threw its first big Halloween bash. And the players, instead of siding with the student council looking for a pleasant party or the frats looking for a drunken blast, decided to spike basically everything they could get their hands on with Eclipse.

Nobody’s really sure quite what happened next, least of all the people who were there. Something about a student turning into a being of pure emerald fire, a bunch of people getting eaten by bats, a crystalline tree sprouting in the ballroom, and Midgard forces in containment suits dragging everyone out the next morning.

So why Midgard, the University, and one of the survivors of that night are working together to put on a party in the same place with a popular, but mysterious, band… is sort of an open question. They claim it’s to aid the healing process.

This Year
Well, this year the content should be a bit more expansive, with some tendrils reaching out into the world outside the dorms… and might just expand a bit more as folks make their choices.

So hang on for what I hope will be a wild ride for all the right reasons. And if you’re still finding your way around and miss out on some of the nuance, well, let’s just say I tend to over-do Christmas too :)



Saturday, October 16th, 2010

So, at the urging of some of our fellows at Con on the Cob, we’ve finally made a beachhead on Facebook.

Share with your friends! Share with your enemies who you wish you could beat in Gang Warfare! Or, do what I’ll be doing, and send it to everyone who tries to give you a cow in Farmville!

Once stuff gets set up, it should also be carrying the Twitter updates, for everyone that doesn’t Tweet.


August’s Unearthly Item – Zalian Defense Tool

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Zack happened upon another interesting item. This one plays with some essentials, but isn’t too complex.

I’m mostly pleased with it because of some behind the scenes stuff I had to do to make it work, that will (in turn) open up a ton of new options for combat. I think it’ll be pretty fun, though, tying together technique types in a couple interesting new ways.

Had a few questions about this, so just so we’re clear: rotation starts next unearthly item. Zack has a little more information, like the exact list.