Forty-Eight Seasons of Zack

We’ve been on our current rotation scheme at Zack’s for a long time now and things are getting a little crowded.

I could start culling the herd, making sure only a few items return each season. Or I could engage in some complicated scheme of ever-increasing time between rotations. Bleh.

I like to think Zack would let his customers decide.

Zack’s Scheme:

Zack will accept votes every season for items that can rotate back in next season. As of now, there will be four options… in years to come, there’ll be five or more. Each season, the top two will rotate back in.

For the losers, any vote cast on them will stick around for next year. So, the less popular items should still turn back up eventually. Unless literally nobody likes them, in which case, I think we can agree Zack made the right call.