New on Halloween?

If you’re a new player, welcome aboard!

Metroplexity is a game with lots of twists and turns. It focuses on choices and their consequences. Important characters die, decisions ripple through your quests, and the imprint of choices you’ve made can be seen in your skills. Often, you don’t know exactly what a choice will do until you make it.

Halloween is a particularly weird time in Metroplexity. It’s when a lot of little choices are added up, feeding together to decide what sort of Halloween the students at Metroplex University will get.

I’d honestly suggest waiting to jump into that pool until you have a good handle on the game as a whole. It’s a puzzling time, even for people who’ve been playing since the game launched.

If you’re excited about diving in, you’ll want to complete the first couple of quests to get access to Metroplex University. That’s where the action is. From there? Well, that’s up to you. Older players can certainly explain their theories, but they’re not always right, especially around Halloween.

I will say most of the events up to this point center around Metroplex University’s dorm. So you can either try to get in (which may not be easy) or stay focused on the mysteries you’re investigating.

Whatever choices you make in Halloween and the game, I hope you enjoy yourself.

If you run into any problems or just want to say ‘hi’, feel free to contact me directly through the bug report form or an in-game message to Kinak.