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Abominable Christmas Content

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Along with a layer of freshly fallen snow (not pictured), Christmas celebrations have begun full blast.

The University’s Abominable Snowman contest has kicked off again with a little twist here and there. Don’t expect too many surprises, just plenty of good, clean, abominable fun on the Quad (assuming you’ve cleared out those bothersome protesters).

Rumor has it that Christmas trees are hung up on the Docks again. There might be some way to free them from their bonds, but I’d probably get ahold of a tree one way or another before Christmas.


Ho! Ho! Huh?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

On today’s special holiday episode of the devblog, we have:

  • We’ve added a personal touch to the Abominable Snowman leaderboard, revealing where you stand. Thanks for the suggestion, Man Mobile, and some bug finding from Mag.
  • Horned Snowmen will no longer use their ultimate “Turn your weapon into a Brain Staples Single” attack. Thanks for the suggestion, Mag and Deathknight.
  • Fixed up some icicle errors. Thanks for the bug report, Valera.
  • You now need to be in the Slags to give Hel her Christmas gift of a containment suit. Thanks for pointing this out Pyren and Vholes.
  • Larry’s extra-special gift is likewise better given in person. Good suggestion from a ways back, thanks to Mr. Green.
  • Thanks for some very festive typo fixes from Mag, Valera, Argeth, and Al.
  • Also, the Flying Eyes got an early Christmas present from yours truly.