The Mirror Unleashed

After quite the dry spell, Zack has managed to land the find of the century: a whole collection of antique floor mirrors, each broken the same way and each replete with twisted reflections of another world.

There are two things I want to mention about this Unearthly Item before you jump in:

  • The mirror has, by far, the largest amount of content that’s ever been in an unearthly item. As such, it’s three unearthly coins rather than the usual one or two.
  • The mirror’s the first item that’s designed from the ground up with the item rotation model in mind. It doesn’t care code-wise, but I hope you’ll find there are reasons to gaze into both during the main quest and afterwards.

This also marks the beginning of the Third Season of the Seasonal Reset contest. To celebrate, I’ve added three more Conducts… although I make no promises anyone will ever get one of them, you’ve proven your resourcefulness in the past and it seems a shame not to include it.

Mua ha. Mua ha ha ha ha!