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The Mirror Unleashed

Monday, July 18th, 2011

After quite the dry spell, Zack has managed to land the find of the century: a whole collection of antique floor mirrors, each broken the same way and each replete with twisted reflections of another world.

There are two things I want to mention about this Unearthly Item before you jump in:

  • The mirror has, by far, the largest amount of content that’s ever been in an unearthly item. As such, it’s three unearthly coins rather than the usual one or two.
  • The mirror’s the first item that’s designed from the ground up with the item rotation model in mind. It doesn’t care code-wise, but I hope you’ll find there are reasons to gaze into both during the main quest and afterwards.

This also marks the beginning of the Third Season of the Seasonal Reset contest. To celebrate, I’ve added three more Conducts… although I make no promises anyone will ever get one of them, you’ve proven your resourcefulness in the past and it seems a shame not to include it.

Mua ha. Mua ha ha ha ha!


November’s Unearthly Item

Friday, November 26th, 2010

A new book is available at Zack’s, working pretty similarly to Urban Legends Vol. 1 in that it grants a permanent skill that is run off Eclipse. They also share the same timer, so having both gives options rather than being absolutely necessary.

It gives a bit of a peek into what could have happened on Halloween and the stuff still lurking out there. It also has some neat stuff hidden in there (could I resist?), but is mostly intended as a straightforward item to add a little flavor to resets.

I think folks will like it :)

Anyway, Season 2 of the Seasonal Resets officially starts now.

The rewards for Season 1 will be handed out once any remaining competitive Season 1 runs are in. For reference, you’ll collect them by going to the Season 1 reset board after you’ve finished the Survivors’ quest.


August’s Unearthly Item – Zalian Defense Tool

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Zack happened upon another interesting item. This one plays with some essentials, but isn’t too complex.

I’m mostly pleased with it because of some behind the scenes stuff I had to do to make it work, that will (in turn) open up a ton of new options for combat. I think it’ll be pretty fun, though, tying together technique types in a couple interesting new ways.

Had a few questions about this, so just so we’re clear: rotation starts next unearthly item. Zack has a little more information, like the exact list.


Unearthly Rotation

Friday, August 27th, 2010

So currently, Zack’s items just pile up, waiting for people to give them good homes. The original plan was to wait for enough to enter the economy, then start rotating them out. But the pile’s getting pretty big so we’re going to go for an interim measure.

Short Version
Zack’s selection of items will begin rotating, with the five most recent items and at least one older item. This will be reflected in what he returns for resets and result in rotating reset rewards.

The Actual Solution
The original plan for when items started moving properly, was to leave the last five items in Zack’s. This will be the backbone of the plan going forward. The most recent five items will appear in Zack’s, regardless of how many find good homes.

So if we implemented this right now, the items in Zack’s would be: the Midgard Player, Extreme Tackle Box, Feathered Cloak, Hungry Ooze, and Elegantly Torn Pants.

This does open up a question of the older items that haven’t had enough enter the economy. Those will rotate through Zack’s until enough are bought (about seven times the number of the most popular now, for reference).

So when this system goes in, it would be the five newest items and the Mysterious Puzzle Box. Then when I release the next item it would be the five newest and the Prototype Coat.

Zack and Reset
Zack gives you back all items that you could get from him (and Unearthly Coins). So as items rotate in and out of Zack’s, you will get a different set of items returned from Zack.

What this does give is a nice framework for per-rotation reset contests, which I expect to be pretty cool. More details as I make sure they work, but these will supplement the existing Survivors’ Quest contest.

When will this happen?
Not when the next donation item goes in (hopefully by the end of August), but the next one after that. I wanted to give everyone some time to digest what’s up.

Why now?
Largely because we’re about to hit twelve items in Zack’s store and that weirds me out. It also changes the dynamics of runs, which donating is supposed to, but not to the exclusion of all else. And it’ll probably help move some credits around the economy some, which is a bonus.

And the math says it’ll be a while before items can be permanently retired, so we’d end up doing something like this eventually. Better sooner than later, really.

I have some feedback
Good, I want to hear it. The best place is probably in this forum thread. If you don’t have a forum account, I’ll happily take feedback through ingame messages to Kinak.


July’s Unearthly Item – Midgard Player

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Zack now has June’s Unearthly Item, the Midgard Player. It’s a small thing, really, a tiny little music player with a lot of content backing it up.

There’s a lot to it. Go ahead and breathe it in. I hope you enjoy figuring it out as much as I enjoyed putting it together.


Unearthly Upgrades

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Made a couple changes to unearthly items (no worries, they’re all good) and some bug fixes.

  • You can now run your fingers through your luxurious Feathered Cloak when equipped. Good suggestion, Mag!
  • The Cheater’s Line and Challenge Hook were buffed. Merry Christmas!
  • Corrected a bug preventing Dynamite from blowing up the wall into the Underground Asylum. Thanks, Plus4
  • Fixed the anticipated ton of bugs resulting from the combat update last weekend. Thanks to Wyrd, Mag, Argeth, and DerMagus!
  • Becoming a prospective Third Eye member should now show up in your Completed Quests. Good eyes, Glass!
  • Also corrected some typos, thanks to Llamaman, xKiv, and Mag.

Also, I’m considering changing how choose your powder to pour into the puzzle box. It’d go from a traditional choice into a dropdown. They’d lose their individual responses, but it’d be way easier for me to add more in the future. If that’d bother anyone, please speak up.