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Survivors’ Fixes and GenCon

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

I just wanted to give a hearty “thanks!” to everyone who provided feedback on the Survivors’ Quest and helped get things fixed up. My list is Sir Cheddar, Cryptodynamic, Valliant, Argeth, Mag, Happy Yeti, ThunderBird, TeKRunner, and Plus4. Sorry if I missed anyone.

Timing’s pretty good. As the bug reports are starting to slow down a touch, I’m heading to GenCon. I’ll be keeping an eye on things from there, but mostly just enjoying my vacation, so try not to request too many sweeping changes :)


Avatars and Others

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

A pair of unrelated Avatar changes:

  • You can now change Avatar in the account preferences screen, whether or not you are in Gang Warfare.
  • There are two new avatars available.

And some bug fixes:

  • Crashing will now properly stop hackers and defenses from acting. Thanks Starwed!
  • Piercing is now described (in mouseover) where it shows up. Good suggestion, Wyrd.
  • Pressing Enter in the outfit text box should now save the outfit instead of changing to something random. Thanks to Valera, our dedicated “making sure Enter works in every text box” checker :)
  • For the trifecta of “strange things found in misdirected shipments,” cans are not sugar. Thanks Llamaman!
  • Using “Clear” in net combat shouldn’t result in an incorrect memory display anymore. Good catch Starwed.
  • Yellowed Maps no longer pretend to be multiusable. Good catch, Cryptodynamic.

And, of course, we have a bunch of typo fixes thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal, Rykar, Argeth, Slyspawn, and Valliant. Thanks everyone :)


Today’s Updates

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Also had a bunch of updates. Just want to get them posted before the list swallows my soul.

  • Your own name should be bold in the gang log, although this might be applied a bit inconsistently to old entries. If it’s still missing anywhere in 24 hours, be sure to tell me. Thanks to The Kitchen Sink for the suggestion.
  • The equipment titles in your inventory (where it says ‘Hat:’ then has your hat, the ‘Hat:’) now link down to the appropriate sections. Also, the section titles link back up to the top of the inventory. Thanks to Valliant for the suggestion.
  • For all you Gang Leaders out there, the Gang’s current description should now populate in the field you use to change it, making minor changes easier. Good suggestion Olaf!
  • The Arms Dealer’s personal stash now shouldn’t duplicate items you brought in from another reset or give you his favorite book if you’ve already read it. He’s awesome like that. Thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal for bringing this up.
  • As much as I love time capsules, you now can’t send mail to player ids that don’t exist yet. Good catch, Mr. Green.
  • The links in the header pane should load in the correct frame in Firefox 3. Thanks for the bug report, Lambchop.
  • On a related note, I think we got login working with Javascript enabled on the new Firefox build. No promises, though. Thanks to xKiv for bringing this up.
  • The constrict attack that Masses of Tentacles use is now a melee attack, so Shotgun Blast away. Unlike Valliant, I would never have noticed that. Thank you.
  • Added a bunch of form validation that wasn’t there before. Big thank you to Olaf for poking around.
  • Enemies now heal to full overnight just like you. Thanks to The 3 for making “three day marathon” not the optimal combat type.
  • Also a hearty round of applause to The Kitchen Sink, Pyren, Mag, and CanadaMan for reporting typos. Hip hip huzzah!


Recent Updates

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

I haven’t been keeping up as much with posting updates as I normally am, due to the Gang Warfare work. But here’s the list, as best I recorded:

  • Buffs in the character pane will be sorted by how much Energy they have remaining. Good suggestion PaidPiedPiperPal.
  • Multicrafting (and other activities taking multiple energy) will now tax buffs as they should. Thanks for the bug report, Wyrd!
  • You can no longer deal negative damage with Area of Effect attacks. Thanks Valliant, for the catch.
  • Lo should now be satiated with one Eclipse. What a lush. Thank you, Mr. Green for pointing this one out.
  • We also have a helping of typos from Harrakan, RikiTikiTavi, PaidPiedPiperPal, Argeth, and Metro.



Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

By popular demand, multicrafting of recipes is now in.

  • Enter a number in the handy field to perform the recipe that many times or bust.
  • Enter a * to perform the recipe as many times as possible.
  • Enter a ? to tell you how many times * would perform the recipe, if you’re curious. This won’t cost energy or items, but will tell you if you don’t have enough energy or items to perform the recipe.

Thanks to everyone who suggested this on the forum thread and elsewhere. Special thanks to Kingdom of Loathing for the ‘*’ and ‘?’ standard.

If you run into any problems with multicrafting feel free to drop me a bug report or in-game message.


Forgot Username/Password and more

Monday, April 27th, 2009

The biggest update today is the “Forgot Something?” link in the username/password box. Entering your email address there will send you an email containing your character’s name and a link to choose a new password. If you just forgot your username but know the password, it’ll let you log back in with your existing password.

Also, items are now labeled with their requirements for Body, Energy, and Hunger. Thanks to Valliant for the suggestion.

Strange Ore should now only appear once while you’re on the quest. Thank you, Prestige, for the bug report.

The Techniques page will no longer spill out a bunch of errors if you go there shortly after login. Cheers to PaidPiedPiperPal for noticing this one before it go too irritating.

Also, thanks to Argeth, ACM, and A Naked Jew for typo reports.