Forgot Username/Password and more

The biggest update today is the “Forgot Something?” link in the username/password box. Entering your email address there will send you an email containing your character’s name and a link to choose a new password. If you just forgot your username but know the password, it’ll let you log back in with your existing password.

Also, items are now labeled with their requirements for Body, Energy, and Hunger. Thanks to Valliant for the suggestion.

Strange Ore should now only appear once while you’re on the quest. Thank you, Prestige, for the bug report.

The Techniques page will no longer spill out a bunch of errors if you go there shortly after login. Cheers to PaidPiedPiperPal for noticing this one before it go too irritating.

Also, thanks to Argeth, ACM, and A Naked Jew for typo reports.


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