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Halloween Address

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

In the interest of catching up our new players (hi everybody!) and getting everyone else on the same page, I figured I’d post about our Halloween festivities.

The Surface
Right now, at Metroplex University, the student body is gearing up for it’s big Halloween bash. With the help of Metroplex’s largest company, Midgard Industries, the student body has managed to contract a major band called Emerald Gift.

Everybody’s got an opinion and almost everybody wants tickets. The student council has decided to channel the latter into a fundraising drive, which you can participate in if you have some credits to burn at the University bookstore.

Halloween and Metroplexity
So, if I have a personal weakness it’s probably that I go all out with the holidays in Metroplexity. I probably should be working on something like new quests or crafting recipes or something.

But even among these holidays, Halloween kind of stands out. It’s where Metroplexity’s philosophy of giving the players as many choices as possible runs headlong into it being an online game.

The choices that everyone makes in the next phase of the Halloween content (starting this weekend unless it kills me) affect everyone, deciding the course of that phase and the final party.

Last Year
Last year, Metroplex University threw its first big Halloween bash. And the players, instead of siding with the student council looking for a pleasant party or the frats looking for a drunken blast, decided to spike basically everything they could get their hands on with Eclipse.

Nobody’s really sure quite what happened next, least of all the people who were there. Something about a student turning into a being of pure emerald fire, a bunch of people getting eaten by bats, a crystalline tree sprouting in the ballroom, and Midgard forces in containment suits dragging everyone out the next morning.

So why Midgard, the University, and one of the survivors of that night are working together to put on a party in the same place with a popular, but mysterious, band… is sort of an open question. They claim it’s to aid the healing process.

This Year
Well, this year the content should be a bit more expansive, with some tendrils reaching out into the world outside the dorms… and might just expand a bit more as folks make their choices.

So hang on for what I hope will be a wild ride for all the right reasons. And if you’re still finding your way around and miss out on some of the nuance, well, let’s just say I tend to over-do Christmas too :)


Halloween Preparation

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

As anyone who’s organized a big party can tell you, it’s a lot of work. The poor bastards organizing the Metroplex U Halloween Bash this year are already starting up.

I’d sure they’d appreciate some help, although the whole “not being a student” thing might give you problems. But I have faith in you :)

Of course, there are other people with different ideas of how things should turn out. They might appreciate your help too, although they might not jump out and ask.

You probably guessed that your choices are going to matter, but there’s a bit of a catch: everyone’s choices effect the final outcome. That means different encounters and rewards for the party, even a few changes that extend further down the road.

Good luck and happy pre-Halloween!