Unhallowed Fixes

As with any good harvest festival, we had a bumper crop of bugs and suggestions around Halloween time. Add in a bunch of new players, stir, and you get this list!

  • First off, fixed an issue where the /who command in chat gets cut off if there are just too damned many people excited about Halloween. Thanks PenguinPyro!
  • Corrected some old references to there being a “Character” link in the top pane. Thanks, Morfos and welcome aboard!
  • Relabeled the duration of Effects from Energy to Duration to help stem some confusion. Thanks to Huor Oronra for pointing this out, but also to the others who have mentioned this over the years.
  • Filled in some broken item images. Thanks to Mag and PenguinPyro for pointing those out.
  • Fixed some broken Halloween choices. Thanks for pointing those out, Happy Yeti and the Fop.
  • Rang the security guard in the Hall of Paintings to let him know that the upstairs is finished. Thanks, Borkman!
  • Reminded Jess to update her voicemail message. Good call, Al.
  • And, lastly, reprimanded the festive scarecrow for being insufficiently festive. Thanks again PenguinPyro.

We also have some typo fixes, Halloween and otherwise, thanks to Al, GoldS, The Fop, PenguinPyro, Cryptodynamic, Vholes Piper, Mag, and Thrillhouse.

P.S. You know you report a lot of typos when I notice your name missing from the list and doublecheck. Thanks again Mag!


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