September Bug Fixes

Well, September’s wrapping up and damned if it wasn’t a good month for bug fixes. This phase Novos rollout went surprisingly smoothly, by which I mean most of the reports were small issues or typos.

Without further ado:

  • Thanks to Cryptodynamic, Argeth, Valmo, Al, and Happy Yeti for being at the front of the Novos rollout train and helping things go smoothly for everyone else.
  • The Drone Studies effect should now provide XP as indicated. Thanks, Arkaim!
  • Fixed an issue with sparring ring partners wandering off. Thanks for keeping at it, Al!
  • Sorted out some issues in finishing the Whispers in the Park quest. Good catch, Borkman.
  • Juryrigged rocket should now work properly in gang warfare, thanks to Barton26.
  • Underwater frag grenades should no longer do the exact opposite of what they should. Thanks, Al!
  • NitroX now appropriately uses Perception for all its forms. Good eyes, PenguinPyro!

And thanks to Barton26, Cryptodynamic, Mag, Argeth, GoldS, Happy Yeti, and Vholes Piper for finding some of those typos.


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