All Hallow’s Fixes

October’s been a busy month, so we have another round of improvements and bug fixes.

  • Leaving difficult to enter areas now prompts a warning. This is basically thanks to Lyz.
  • Halloween, although festive, isn’t quite so festive as to give out Zalian Multiweapons. Thanks to GoldS, Heriodule, and Valmo for reporting this.
  • Corrected the chain value on Shadowed Mask. Thanks, Al!
  • The museum diorama should now be working properly, thanks to Valmo.
  • And sorted out some issues with Jess’s funding display. Thanks PenguinPyro, Cryptodynamic, and Arkaim.

Also thanks to The Fop, Mag, Valmo, Heriodule, Cryptodynamic, Argeth, Happy Yeti, Xerf, and Al for tracking down my spoooooooooky typos.


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