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Post-Quest Updates

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

So I got a little stuff done last night while waiting for folks to test out the quest and wanted to mention the updates here.

  • Rewrote a lot of crafting, like a lot of crafting, which will make it a lot easier for me to add new recipes in the future. And paves the way for remembering experimental recipes between resets.
  • As an upshot of that, most recipe results are now clickable for the item description. Thanks to GoldS for the suggestion and Glass for helping me get everything working.
  • I also reworked how curatives (which is to say things that remove effects, like Slags Antidote or the Street Doc) work, which should have them working more consistently. There weren’t many visible changes, and most of them good, but I won’t promise anything.
  • Fixed up a lot of little things and a few big things with the new quest thanks to Cryptodynamic, Argeth, Goferchan, Happy Yeti, and GoldS.
  • Messages past their timeout won’t be deleted on the pageload you’re trying to save them. Sorry about that Shademaster00, but thanks for the bug report.
  • The new capitalization change in the account preferences page should be working properly. Thanks Sir Cheddar!
  • Having the id equipped wasn’t allowing folks into the Slags Lab for a while. That should be working properly now. Thanks for the report Cryptodynamic!
  • Also, we’ve got a great round of new content typos from Cryptodynamic, RazielSonofKain, Argeth, Borkman, Mag, and Sir Cheddar! Thanks, everyone!


Post GenCon Wrap-Up

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

So, between my long weekend and the beginning of this week I fixed a ton of bugs and typos. I apologize in advance if I miss something in the list, but it’s the most thorough accounting I have.

  • Fixed a bunch of early bugs within hacking. Thank you Rykar, Thrillhouse, Zelandoni, Nyther, Jick, Man Mobile, Blarghgh, and NX_Phoenix.
  • Folks shouldn’t be getting blank spaces in hacking tools anymore. Thanks to Mag and Man Mobile for reporting this one.
  • The special decompilers should work. Thank you RazielSonOfKain.
  • You can no longer get stuck on the second floor of the Slags tower. Thanks for the bug report, Llamaman.
  • Switching for a lower processor computer shouldn’t confuse the installation requirements screen anymore. Good catch, Harrakan!
  • The A student no longer decides he needs more Eclipse every time you talk about art. Thanks llamaman!
  • Made another stab at fixing Petrol Splash. Thanks Valera and JTN2002 for the testing!
  • Added some new dialogue options for Lo. Good call Serenity.
  • Dual Armored Vest is now function, thanks to RazielSonOfKain.
  • Fixed the grammar for equipping and unequipping items that start with ‘the.’ Thanks Shademaster00 and Rykar.
  • Added Data and Programs to the mall. Thanks Rykar!
  • Thanks to Cryptodynamic for doublechecking I’m not giving you those trashy drone hounds when you’re supposed to get lean, mean twisted hounds :)
  • Your X-Ray vision, although potent, no longer allows you to see Professor Evans through his door. Thanks Wyrd!
  • As it turns out, vats of acid are not filled with little dolls and dried fish are not made out of tarnished coins. Who knew? Besides Shademaster00 and Cryptodynamic, that is?
  • Also fixed a load of typos courtesy of Artie Effham, Edwahd, Sir Cheddar, Rykar, Thrillhouse, jetalynn, dfmchfhf, Mag, Zelandoni, Man Mobile, Jick, Wyrd, Borkman, and RazielSonOfKain. Thanks everyone!


Itty Bitty Updates

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

There’s something kind of nice about tiny content upgrades. Good for the spirit, I think.

  • There’s now another source for the Ghoul Bite Technique. Thanks for getting me started on this one, Shademaster00.
  • One of the side benefits of leaving donation items up for a while is that I can add new things for them to grind… er, do, without feeling bad.
  • Targets won’t continue to suffer damage from venom after they’re dead. Thanks, bonbon!
  • And thanks to RazielSonOfKain for some typo eradication.

Oh, and I added a new salvage/chemistry item a while back and forgot to mention it. So, yeah, powdered glass… tell your friends.


Catch Up Caught Up

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Done with Origins and caught up on all the bug reports and typos from over the Con. I’ve got a pile of drop-dead awesome art from Puyo and am looking forward to filling the Survivor’s quest with it.

  • Evasion Power is now working properly. Great catch, Starwed!
  • Descriptions in the Mall should now come up consistently. Thanks to Man Mobile and Zelandoni for helping me sort this one out.
  • Asking the bartender “What’s the News?” no longer costs Energy. Thanks to Jick for the suggestion.
  • Extra warehouse security badges are now salvagable. Thanks to Man Mobile for the suggestion here.
  • Added some more University-relevant melee weapons, related to armory. Thanks to Argeth for the idea.
  • Added a pair of new avatars for the gang warriors out there.
  • Also fixed a bunch of typos. Thank you Valera, Happy Yeti, Man Mobile, PaidPiedPiperPal, The Kitchen Sink, and Shademaster00 for the help.

Also, rumors that Midgard was forced to return to its pre-Incident designs for the SD1 drones are completely without merit. Nothing to see here.



Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Handful of updates, but a quick note before we get to those.

I’m heading to Origins for a large part of the week (Wednesday through Sunday) and doing preliminary work on the Survivors Quest until and through then. So my normal speed of responding to bug reports and posting updates may slow a little bit.

  • The $end in award.php errors should hopefully be less common now. I’ve split it up into a whole range of different files, which should make updating it a bit more seemless.
  • Return to Chat properly returns you to chat and the last used chat channel is set to your default when you return. Thanks Olaf and Mag for helping sort this out.
  • TZR Chipdesks should now function properly as chipdecks. Thanks for the bug report, starspiritgeno.
  • There is now a /whois feature in chat by name or player id. Thanks to Man Mobile for the suggestion.
  • I finally put up the About the Devs page. Thanks to Wyrd for reminding me.
  • Also thanks to Mag, Shademaster00, and RazielSonOfKain for reporting some typos


Recent Updates

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Whole bunch of updates from the last couple days.

  • Thanks Jick for pointing a bug where Zack wasn’t redirecting to his shop properly.
  • Combats will end appropriately even if you get Broken Bones in the last round. Thanks PaidPiedPiperPal.
  • Multi using Castor Capsules will give energy appropriately. Good catch, Jimmythy.
  • The close combat needler now has an image. Thanks, Jthizz.
  • The smuggler will now give a hint about why custom weapons aren’t on the list if you don’t qualify for them. Good suggestion, PaidPiedPiperPal.
  • The order for the areas you control should match their order in the agenda list. Thanks for the suggestion, The Kitchen Sink.
  • Your lifetime Gang Warfare record will be reflected on your character sheet, just as it is on your profile page. Thanks for the note, RazielSonOfKain.
  • Also, thanks for some typo fixes by Jick, Wyrd, The Kitchen Sink, Mag, Thrillhouse, Shademaster00, and PaidPiedPiperPal.

I also retooled the way entering and leaving gangs is handled from the back end. This has a couple results:

  • When you leave a gang you are whitelisted to, it’ll remember your rank when you come back. Thanks to The Kitchen Sink for the suggestion here.
  • Leaders can leave the gang if they are not the sole leader. Another The Kitchen Sink special.
  • Getting kicked from a gang by its leaders removes whitelists.
  • I’m pretty sure it’ll properly remove you from Gang Warfare now, so you probably can’t fight yourself anymore. Sorry about that.


Mall Upgrades

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Welcome to OmniMall 0.2

Added a couple new hotly requested features and another handful of bug fixes to the Mall today.

  • You can now view your own orders and retract orders you’ve placed. Thanks for the suggestion PaidPiedPiperPal, Shademaster00, and Mr. Green.
  • You can also search for items by category or use category to narrow your search. Good suggestion, Jick.
  • Entering insane values into the mall should give you feedback instead of PHP errors. Thanks for the bughunting, Shademaster00.

Some other fixes/new features as well:

  • The option to show all bonuses from yesterday has already been upgraded. It now updates whenever your bonuses change (if you have it open). Good suggestion, Al.
  • Skill names when you receive them should be clickable like items, effects, and techniques. Good catch, Shademaster00.
  • On a related note, the feedback using the Sea Lord’s Crown should recognize if you’ve already gotten it’s primary benefit. Thanks for the feedback, Shademaster00.
  • Also, thanks to The Kitchen Sink for snagging some typos.