Handful of updates, but a quick note before we get to those.

I’m heading to Origins for a large part of the week (Wednesday through Sunday) and doing preliminary work on the Survivors Quest until and through then. So my normal speed of responding to bug reports and posting updates may slow a little bit.

  • The $end in award.php errors should hopefully be less common now. I’ve split it up into a whole range of different files, which should make updating it a bit more seemless.
  • Return to Chat properly returns you to chat and the last used chat channel is set to your default when you return. Thanks Olaf and Mag for helping sort this out.
  • TZR Chipdesks should now function properly as chipdecks. Thanks for the bug report, starspiritgeno.
  • There is now a /whois feature in chat by name or player id. Thanks to Man Mobile for the suggestion.
  • I finally put up the About the Devs page. Thanks to Wyrd for reminding me.
  • Also thanks to Mag, Shademaster00, and RazielSonOfKain for reporting some typos


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