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Metroplex University Student Disappears

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Late last night a well-known artist disappeared from his dorm room on Metroplex U’s main campus. After stirring up controversy with an art showing that resulted in structural damage to the University’s art museum, he’s continued to make waves by disappearing on several occasions.

His friends relate that this time is different, however. In the middle of the night, while working on his newest painting, they report he was snatched from his dorm room by men in dark suits.

Sergeant Blader with the campus detachment of Midgard Security Forces refused to comment. However, off the record, one of his guards told us not to expect any investigation on the “obvious publicity stunt.” Another suggested it’s only thanks to the guards’ work that “[he] hasn’t taken a bullet to the head yet.”

We asked Maxwell Newman, the undergrad who originally reported the disappearance, his opinion on the guards’ candid statements. He had the following to offer: “I can see why they’d think that. I mean, he’s wandered around a couple times, ending up on the Docks and so forth. But we’re going to give them until Sunday or Monday to realize this is the real deal before we look for outside help.”

Mr. Newman declined to clarify what outside help they might be after.

This has been your University news report, sponsored by the Metroplex University Bookstore, now a proud distributor of OmniCola.

University Update (Part 2 of 2)

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

So, the second part of the University Update is in. Less new content and more tweaks.

  • Both the rescue fights have a little bit more scripting now. This should cut out the weird, “spend one more Energy to see if they’re dead or rescued” bit by putting that information at the end of the fight.
  • The Shard (David/Lo rescue) fight also has another option to tune the difficulty and risk/reward yourself. This is in addition to the old method, so you can now get a pretty neat spectrum of difficulty.
  • Credits people give you for crates of Eclipse now represents the street price a little better. This is about half overall.
  • Multi-opponent fights, in the Univeristy Quest and elsewhere, should now give you substantially more credits, where appropriate.


Other Updates

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Along with the donations page, I’ve managed to sneak in some other changes and fixes.

  • There is now a Completed pane of the Quest Log. Thanks to Metro and razielsonofkain for the suggestion.
  • When loading the login page, the username field should get focus automatically. Thanks bonbon for the suggestion.
  • Buffs granted at the end of combat shouldn’t decrement right away. Good catch, Argeth.
  • On the Docks, the two choice encounters with dockhands (for coffee and armwrestling/fishing pole) have been combined into one. Thanks for pointing this out a while back, razielsonofkain.
  • Gangs with quotation marks should now display correctly in player’s profiles. Thanks Olaf!
  • The gang description preview should no long display the BRs to go along with your newlines. Thanks for the bug report, The Kitchen Sink.
  • Also, thanks to Mag, The Kitchen Sink, Argeth, DanBob, and Wyrd for some typo catches! Yay Typos!

Also a couple fixes on the new University update:

  • The quest log for the extended Hawk subquest shouldn’t jump ahead if you’ve calmed down the Quad. Thanks Wyrd!
  • When defeating The Hammer, he will not display debug information, as appropriate as that may be for his character :) Thanks Lord Finisher and Olaf!
  • Hawk will still be available to talk about your friends after the Trouble on the Docks quest. Good catch, Starwed.


Third Eye Bosses and Other Changes

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Added a bit of content today and a bunch of little options.

  • Some difficulty balancing on the bosses in the University Quest. Shard is easier, although it may not be readily apparent how at first, and Sabre is more difficult, largely centered around his opening attack. Feel free to keep critiquing things on the forum thread as we get this hammered out.
  • The process for getting the asylum key has also changed. Thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal for some of the inspiration.
  • Two new skills have been added related to the most recent side quest. One of them is a potential choice after the side quest (like the others). The other is a free-for all, although I can’t promise it’ll be easy to find.
  • Killing Trash Golems in the Midgard Warehouse will no longer cause crazy errors. Thanks Lord Finisher!
  • If you have completed the Slags Antidote quest, Boris will offer you his alternate reward as an option when completing his quest. Thank you, PaidPiedPiperPal, for the suggestion.
  • Indirect Fire has new, less rotated, art.
  • There are now quest entries for the ‘Trouble on the Docks’ quest when you’re getting back to everyone for your rewards. Good suggestion from PaidPiedPiperPal over on the forums.


Chance of Scattered Content

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Taking a break from working on PvP to catch up on little bits of content that got put off during the Slags rollout.

Some content:

  • The obnoxious poets on the Quad have a bit more content to them.
  • Hound dust can now be used with Experimental Chemistry.
  • Midgard security guards have a new uncommon drop for all your riot supression needs.
  • A new religious order, the Blind Legion, have taken the place of the conspiracy theorist crazies.

Some fixes:

  • The quest feedback during the Dock Song quest is more descriptive. Thanks Rexque!
  • The Stream of Needles Technique has an image uploaded now. Thanks to Szodrin for pointing this one out.
  • Resting will no longer display “Continue On!” when that’s not a valid option with your location.

And lastly experimentation shows up above learned recipes now in the Crafting screens. The experimentation options were close to slipping clear off the bottom of Chemistry.

As always, if you have any feedback or bug reports, send them through the ingame Bug Report feature or a message to Player 1 (Kinak).


More Tweaks

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Some tweaks incoming today, but nothing huge.

  • Increased the Energy yield of a lot of foods and drinks, particularly those found in later areas.
  • In related news, the University bookstore has expanded its repertoire to include overpriced chocolate (to go with the overpriced books) and the pinata has learned a few new tricks.
  • Increased the chain number on Light of the Eye, Rain of Bullets (now called Short Burst), and Precise Shot. This should even things out between melee and ranged a bit more.
  • Decreased the difficulty on Third Eye Thugs substantially. Thanks to Durgen for letting himself get ruthlessly curbstomped in the name of testing.

Also, there are a new pair of Skills in post-quest Southside park if you have the right perspective on things. Like most Skills, there is a choice between the two, depending on how you resolve the situation.


Alternate University Quest

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

There is now an alternate way to complete the University quest, along with unlocking a bunch of other content. Its a bit more puzzling than the main path, but even folks who have followed the main quest path should be able to unlock the additional content.

Some of the content includes three new subareas, three new contacts, and a number of encounters scattered through old content. Good luck!


University Quest In!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

The University quest is now in! Everything seems to be working but, as always, keep your eye out for bugs and use the bug report feature (or ingame mail) to let me know. This is far more complicated code-wise than the Docks or Southside Park quests, so I expect some problems to crop up.

Fair warning: be careful with this quest, because the enemies are playing for keeps. They’re not going to take you out, but others are under no such protection.

There is one notable loose end with the quest. There will be a side quest, probably implemented next, that will allow an alternate way to complete the quest.

And lastly, a few minor fixes:

  • Evasion bonuses now display on items and buffs. They were working before, just not displaying.
  • The bats attack you may have seen from enemies is now working properly.