Third Eye Bosses and Other Changes

Added a bit of content today and a bunch of little options.

  • Some difficulty balancing on the bosses in the University Quest. Shard is easier, although it may not be readily apparent how at first, and Sabre is more difficult, largely centered around his opening attack. Feel free to keep critiquing things on the forum thread as we get this hammered out.
  • The process for getting the asylum key has also changed. Thanks to PaidPiedPiperPal for some of the inspiration.
  • Two new skills have been added related to the most recent side quest. One of them is a potential choice after the side quest (like the others). The other is a free-for all, although I can’t promise it’ll be easy to find.
  • Killing Trash Golems in the Midgard Warehouse will no longer cause crazy errors. Thanks Lord Finisher!
  • If you have completed the Slags Antidote quest, Boris will offer you his alternate reward as an option when completing his quest. Thank you, PaidPiedPiperPal, for the suggestion.
  • Indirect Fire has new, less rotated, art.
  • There are now quest entries for the ‘Trouble on the Docks’ quest when you’re getting back to everyone for your rewards. Good suggestion from PaidPiedPiperPal over on the forums.


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