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Chance of Scattered Content

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Taking a break from working on PvP to catch up on little bits of content that got put off during the Slags rollout.

Some content:

  • The obnoxious poets on the Quad have a bit more content to them.
  • Hound dust can now be used with Experimental Chemistry.
  • Midgard security guards have a new uncommon drop for all your riot supression needs.
  • A new religious order, the Blind Legion, have taken the place of the conspiracy theorist crazies.

Some fixes:

  • The quest feedback during the Dock Song quest is more descriptive. Thanks Rexque!
  • The Stream of Needles Technique has an image uploaded now. Thanks to Szodrin for pointing this one out.
  • Resting will no longer display “Continue On!” when that’s not a valid option with your location.

And lastly experimentation shows up above learned recipes now in the Crafting screens. The experimentation options were close to slipping clear off the bottom of Chemistry.

As always, if you have any feedback or bug reports, send them through the ingame Bug Report feature or a message to Player 1 (Kinak).


Area of Effect Techniques

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Area of Effect Techniques are officially in now. For the moment there’s only one, hiding among the Chemistry content with the Slags rollout.

Sometime soon, the current Rain of Bullets will be renamed Indirect Fire and a shiny new Rain of Bullets (with more rainy art) will be introduced that does Area of Effect damage.

Also, there are two new encounters. One is a new resident of the Sewers, a scout from strange and far-off places. The other is a chance to hone your Chess skills on an opponent more challenging than the bum.


Kingly Updates

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Some small bug fixes.

  • The Ghoul King script will no longer error out when you kill him with Myers Sampler equipped. Thanks Rexque.
  • The Squatter King will now correctly take your crate of medicines when offered. He also has a small reward available for those who turn their crate in too late for him to help. Thanks again Rexque.
  • The Castor Capsule is working as intended finally. To fit the theme, the kings can use this to stay slim and trim.