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Combat Updates

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

The big update today is a revamp of how enemies are treated, both NPC enemies and other players in gang warfare. Basically, the game now keeps track of various special traits about each enemy, such as whether they’re a drone and whether they’re wearing a gas mask.

This nerfs some Techniques and buffs others, but is mostly there so things make more sense. No longer will Helicopter Drones have coughing fits!

This was a long standing request, so lots of folks have asked for it. Give yourselves a pat on the back :)

Other Changes:

  • Internet Explorer users should be able to search in the Mall properly now across the board. Thanks to Happy Yeti for reporting this!
  • You can now talk to your old friend Mikhail if you do to the Deli without reading his note, if you so desire. Good sugestion, Argeth.
  • You can now talk to Dr. Amundsen about encryption even after you’ve freed Hel, although the text here will change with the Survivor’s quest. Good catch, Happy Yeti.
  • Fixed a weird crafting error at zero Energy. Thanks, Mag.
  • Also thanks to LlamaMan, Caradal, and Man Mobile for some typo catching :)


Scripting Updates

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Did a whole bunch of scripting and usability changes today.

  • First off, though, a bug fix. An encounter from the new sidequest had wandered off, showing up in the Slags instead. Thanks to Xkiv for the bug report. Anyone who received the skill from this encounter who wants to try out the new sidequest before their next reset, drop me a line, I can roll that back.
  • Multi-use (including Tear Multi and Sell Multi) are now inline options. Just type in the number and click the button (or hit enter, assuming the scripting works for everyone). Thanks to Metro for the suggestion.
  • On a related note, stolen crates can now be multi-used. You won’t get the blow by blow descriptions, but it’ll save a lot of clicks if you’ve been saving them up. Good suggestion from Twitch here.
  • The reset button in the combat screen shouldn’t force a page reload now, just clear out your chain. Thanks Xkiv for pointing out this one.
  • At the bottom of the techniques page, it’ll now give a total number of Techniques in that deck. Thanks to Yubi Shines for the suggestion.
  • And we’ve got some typos from Metro. Thanks Metro!


Minor Updates

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Two little updates today:

  • Energy, Hunger, and Body display their maximums in the character pane. This is partially to reinforce that there is an Energy cap (sorry Twitch) and partially in preparation for cybernetics.
  • The Squatter King will now continue offering his quest even after you’ve found the sewers, if you’re of a mind to help. Thanks Argeth!


Bug Fixes

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Quite a few bug fixes over the last few days, figured I’d report on them. Should have a big feature update later today, as well.

  • Chain of Needles should now work properly in chains. Thanks to Twitch for the bug report.
  • Various PvP reward encounters shouldn’t result in SQL errors anymore. Thanks to Atheos and Amojechr!
  • PvP encounters will no longer drop items even if you are defeated. Thanks to Argeth.
  • Special messages will now be sent out with PvP when you defeat an defender the same round you are defeated. Thanks to Argeth for pointing this out.

And, not really a bug fix, but I slightly changed the behavior of the Quantum Mechanics book.


Electronics Revamp

Monday, January 26th, 2009

I just finished a retool of the Electronics system. You will now remember recipes from upgrades as you do with Chemistry experiments. Thanks to Argeth and Twitch for the suggestion.

There is one slightly weird thing about the way this works with Electronics. There will often (and more so when Hacking goes in) be multiple paths to the same final upgrade result. As such, the final results take the basic components (non-electronics items and circuits) rather than the intermediate steps. Some also require more than one Energy (so it matches up with the cost upgrading manually).

The system doesn’t know what recipes you had struck upon previously, so everyone will start out blank. The list should populate as you upgrade items from now forward.


Daily Updates

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Alrighty, we’ve got some cleaning up of stuff that I was letting slide during the PvP rollout.

  • Hel’s conversations both after her rescue and on the sixth floor allow you some more options to maneuver without leaving the conversation.
  • The Quad Riot sidequest can now be completed at the front door of the Happy Hour rather than having to go in and find the bartender there. Thanks to Twitch for this one.
  • There are now links at the bottom of the screen you get talking about not having a gang. These work basically like the one’s on the gang screen, to help people find gangs they’re interested in. Thanks again to Twitch for noticing I missed the obvious here.
  • Andrea on the beach should now give a specific conversation option for Dr. Myers quest rather than having it rolled into the normal help. Thanks, Twitch, for the suggestion.

Also, there’s been a PvP bug fix because people were getting the area control special encounters without controlling the area. If you still see this, please drop me a line.


Today’s Update Rampage

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Have a nice string of fixes and updates today.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • The Trauma Tech skills is now working properly (it also has the appropriate description.)
  • You can now view other players’ skills in their profiles. Thanks for the suggestion, PaidPiedPiperPal.
  • Effects (like Fae Blessing and Ocean Song) you receive from noncombat encounters will now begin counting after that encounter. Thanks to Argeth for the bug report.
  • Characters’ names in the messages screen now link to that character’s profile. Good suggestion, MoreUmlaut.
  • Choices should now redisplay their image (along with the introduction when you navigate away. Thanks to Argeth and everyone else who reported this.
  • And, lastly, moving between locations using Metros will now clear the location in your character pane properly. Thank you Twitch, for helping me notice this.


Today’s Fixes

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

A few little fixes today.

  • The bad poetry encounter that was broken, then fixed, the rebroken is now fixed again. Thanks Sildra for reporting it the first time and Argeth the second time!
  • The Agar Powder and Biomonitor Circuit recipes are taking the right components now, thanks to Twitch.
  • Dynamite exploding now interacts properly with Techniques that look for being the middle or end of a Chain. Thank you, Sildra, for this one.


Caught Up

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Okay, I’m officially caught up on the reports from my vacation. The related storm of updates is listed below.

  • As a number of people have requested, avoiding encounters now doesn’t usually cause energy loss. If you see anything weird with this, drop me a bug report.
  • On a related note, running out of Techniques in a fight now drains Energy properly.
  • Masses of Tentacles encountered on the Slags beach now give XP and items like they’re supposed to. Thanks to Twitch for keeping at me about this.
  • Once you’ve bought a drink for the day at the Happy Hour, you can now reenter without buying another drink or expending Energy. Thanks Argeth.
  • Items whose “use” is selling them have been relabeled to make that clearer. Thanks again Argeth!
  • Items that give XP now grant it immediately instead of after your next encounter. Thanks MoreUmlaut!
  • Its no longer possible to complete the Dock Song sidequest multiple times. Thanks to MoreUmlaut for reporting this.
  • Pinatas have experienced a holiday-related growth surge.

And I’m spent. Back to working on PvP for me.