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Scripting Updates

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Did a whole bunch of scripting and usability changes today.

  • First off, though, a bug fix. An encounter from the new sidequest had wandered off, showing up in the Slags instead. Thanks to Xkiv for the bug report. Anyone who received the skill from this encounter who wants to try out the new sidequest before their next reset, drop me a line, I can roll that back.
  • Multi-use (including Tear Multi and Sell Multi) are now inline options. Just type in the number and click the button (or hit enter, assuming the scripting works for everyone). Thanks to Metro for the suggestion.
  • On a related note, stolen crates can now be multi-used. You won’t get the blow by blow descriptions, but it’ll save a lot of clicks if you’ve been saving them up. Good suggestion from Twitch here.
  • The reset button in the combat screen shouldn’t force a page reload now, just clear out your chain. Thanks Xkiv for pointing out this one.
  • At the bottom of the techniques page, it’ll now give a total number of Techniques in that deck. Thanks to Yubi Shines for the suggestion.
  • And we’ve got some typos from Metro. Thanks Metro!