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Today’s Updates

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Here’s the list of mostly bug fixes for today:

  • Sell Multi will now work properly. Thanks Sildra!
  • Trauma Tech will now display properly with other First Aid items. Thank you for the bug report, Argeth.
  • Flying Eyes now carry wings instead of pants. Thanks for noting the weird, MoreUmlaut.
  • Third Eye Poseur shouldn’t be more difficult than the actual Third Eyes now. Because that was a little silly.


Today’s Fixes

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

A few little fixes today.

  • The bad poetry encounter that was broken, then fixed, the rebroken is now fixed again. Thanks Sildra for reporting it the first time and Argeth the second time!
  • The Agar Powder and Biomonitor Circuit recipes are taking the right components now, thanks to Twitch.
  • Dynamite exploding now interacts properly with Techniques that look for being the middle or end of a Chain. Thank you, Sildra, for this one.