Caught Up

Okay, I’m officially caught up on the reports from my vacation. The related storm of updates is listed below.

  • As a number of people have requested, avoiding encounters now doesn’t usually cause energy loss. If you see anything weird with this, drop me a bug report.
  • On a related note, running out of Techniques in a fight now drains Energy properly.
  • Masses of Tentacles encountered on the Slags beach now give XP and items like they’re supposed to. Thanks to Twitch for keeping at me about this.
  • Once you’ve bought a drink for the day at the Happy Hour, you can now reenter without buying another drink or expending Energy. Thanks Argeth.
  • Items whose “use” is selling them have been relabeled to make that clearer. Thanks again Argeth!
  • Items that give XP now grant it immediately instead of after your next encounter. Thanks MoreUmlaut!
  • Its no longer possible to complete the Dock Song sidequest multiple times. Thanks to MoreUmlaut for reporting this.
  • Pinatas have experienced a holiday-related growth surge.

And I’m spent. Back to working on PvP for me.


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