Daily Updates

Alrighty, we’ve got some cleaning up of stuff that I was letting slide during the PvP rollout.

  • Hel’s conversations both after her rescue and on the sixth floor allow you some more options to maneuver without leaving the conversation.
  • The Quad Riot sidequest can now be completed at the front door of the Happy Hour rather than having to go in and find the bartender there. Thanks to Twitch for this one.
  • There are now links at the bottom of the screen you get talking about not having a gang. These work basically like the one’s on the gang screen, to help people find gangs they’re interested in. Thanks again to Twitch for noticing I missed the obvious here.
  • Andrea on the beach should now give a specific conversation option for Dr. Myers quest rather than having it rolled into the normal help. Thanks, Twitch, for the suggestion.

Also, there’s been a PvP bug fix because people were getting the area control special encounters without controlling the area. If you still see this, please drop me a line.


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