Extreme Fishing

So, a while back, a lot of folks were asking me about fishing updates. Lots of stuff like “Extreme Bass is too vicious” and “you can’t see your skill gains in any meaningful sense.” And I warned people that would require a complete rewrite of fishing and we just couldn’t justify putting it in.

Then I realized I could cheat it on to the schedule by combining it with this month’s donation item. Yeah, that’s right! Kinak (me), stickin’ it to The Man (also me) for your benefit!

So if your fishing (and chess by happenstance of using the same system) are working a bit differently from before… that’s because it’s totally different. I did carry over people’s ratings, although the labels have changed.

In completely related news, Zack has his unearthly-coin-loving hands on some equipment intended for the Extreme Bass XIII release party.


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