University Quest Update

About half-way through the University quest update, including a bunch of new content on the ganger side of things. Integrating new content like this is tricky so I expect some bugs to slip through. Please give me a holler if they do.

So there are some tweaks to the bossfights on the other side and some tuning of the Eclipse sale prices left to do.

Other updates:

  • Messaging is working again. Thanks to Wyrd and The Kitchen Sink for reporting that.
  • Equipping an item into an empty slot and an item over itself both give better feedback. Thank you, Justin and The Kitchen Sink respectively.
  • The error message when you try to send a message without anything in the ‘To:’ field should be a lot clearer now. Good note, The Kitchen Sink.
  • The quest log entry should show up properly after finding out where Lo is from Mikhail. Thanks, DanBob!
  • Rangefinder Bracelet is now equippable. Good find, The Kitchen Sink.
  • Thanks for typo-finding, Mag