Some fixes today, mostly on the targeting end of things and some bugs that folks have noticed because of it. Kind of interesting to see what shakes out when you expose information folks weren’t seeing before.

  • Killing targets shouldn’t screw up the indicator anymore. Thanks to BeerBuddha, Mag, and RazielSonofKain for those bug reports.
  • Hopefully we’ve squashed the sporadic issues where defenders in net combat would hang on an extra round before dying. Give me a holler if you run into this again. Thanks for the bug report, Rykar!
  • Fixed a really neat bug where certain items were displaying “0 in inventory” incorrectly when using the “Display Listings Only” checkbox in the Mall. Excellent catch, bonbon!
  • The Fractal Understanding effect from the new donation item shouldn’t immediately be taxed Energy as you’re gaining it. Thanks, Rykar.
  • Clicking the same target again won’t hide the indicator anymore. Thanks Al!
  • Added mouseover text to avatars so you can see their names. A suggestion from the forums.
  • Corrected some typos courtesy of Edwahd, Mag, and Argeth.

And that’s it for today. Other than that, I’ve been working on a sweet puzzle in the Survivors’ Quest content. It’s still a while out, so I’ll be dropping in some other interesting stuff whenever I need a break.


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