A touch of polish

Going through a polishing some things, a mix of bug reports and things I mentioned during yesterday’s podcast.

Here’s the list:

  • Chemistry papers work differently and give a somewhat different set of recipes. Thanks for the nudge from TeKRunneR.
  • Basically every pearl and pearl-related item in the game works properly thanks to Cryptodynamic, Lord of Pearls and Master of the Depths.
  • The Biotech and Student PDAs are now salvageable. Good suggestion, Llamaman.
  • Capacitor Arrays are now consumed rather than produced out of the ether when using the Protein Analyzer. Thanks to Plus4 and Cryptodynamic.
  • Corrected some weirdness in Dr. Amundsen’s conversations if you dove straight into the Survivors’ Quest. Good catch, TeKRunneR!
  • Fixed up some weirdness with shark attacks (being, the attacks they use not when they attack… er, yeah). Thanks for the bug report, Argeth!
  • In A Pit is now visually declared as a buff. Thanks, Al.
  • And we’ve got an interesting range of typo fixes from Llamaman, Mag, xKiv, and Glass. Thanks!


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