Intermediate Updates

There are a few updates I’d like to mention that are visible now. The main one is that there’s a new Melee Technique filling Kidney Punch’s old role and Kidney Punch now does something fairly different.

  • Kidney Punch has been replaced by a new Technique better representing the teacher’s desire for fair play (and melee attacks). Kidney Punch now works differently and is learned separately.
  • Higher number keys now work properly in Net Combat. Good catch Valliant.
  • Corrected a bug where the last energy of lines and lures didn’t effect fishing. Good eyes, Argeth, good eyes.
  • Living Sludge Hearts cap at 999/day. If you want more petrol than that… I have no idea what to suggest. Thanks to Sir Cheddar for pointing out this error.
  • On a heart related note, the Industrial heart is craftable again. Thanks Al!
  • Also thanks to Llamaman, Xerf, Mag, Vholes Piper, and Glass for uncovering some typos lurking in old content so we can build a strong grammatical base moving forward.

Tic toc.


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