Spring Fixes Sprung

With the coming spring, we have some new bug fixes.

  • Added more quest log direction for Hel’s survivor quest. Good suggestion Vholes Piper.
  • Corrected another issue allowing for multiple Whispers in the Park rewards. Thanks, Skiiage!
  • It should be more obvious when you’ve run Happy FunTime out of plushies, thanks to Al.
  • Calmed the Hollow Monstrosities with some backup from Argeth. Thanks!
  • Sorted out some bugs with Extreme Bass fishing. Good catch, PhaseMacaw!
  • Thrown spears are no longer unavoidable homing missiles, thanks to Mag.

And thanks to Penguinpyro, Mag, Cryptodynamic, Vholes Piper, Al, Valmo, Adaon, and Nyther for help tracking down some of my innumerable typos.

Aside from me burning myself like an idiot, everything’s on track for a few small updates and the next unearthly item.


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