June Bugs

Work (on Novos and the next unearthly item) is proceeding apace, but it looks like it’s about time for another round of bug fixes.

  • Lo shouldn’t be confused about Dr. Amundsen’s fate when she’s sitting right next to him. Thanks Argeth!
  • Fishing in the Slags no longer costs double Energy. Another good catch from our resident fishing maestro Valmo.
  • Stronger than Steel runs are properly hidden when searching for Iron Man runs. Good eyes, Al!
  • Tweaked the salvage results for the buzzing TZR to make sense with the fiction. Thanks, Nyther.
  • Resolved an issue with Thrivaldi omega ordering multiple times in a round. You take away all my fun, Mag.
  • Behind the Mask now displays consistently when it blocks attacks. Thanks again, Al!

Also, thanks to Nyther, Mag, Arkaim, and Al for some typo fixes.


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