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December Bug Fixes

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Following Halloween’s update, I’ve been back to keeping better track of bug reports. Here’s a roundup for November and the start of December:

  • Added some Horror Westerns to appease Mag’s insatiable thirst for bl… Horror Westerns.
  • Cleaned up how skills are displayed in other player’s profiles. Thanks for the idea, Kinak!
  • Bathing in blood is now less time-consuming. Thanks for reporting that, Heriodule!
  • Fixed a URL manipulation issue with shops. Thanks Al!
  • Sorted out a quick issue in the main location page. Thanks DerMagus and SmokeyCastle!
  • Fixed an issue with the Holosight Rifle not applying its bonus correctly. Good catch PenguinPyro!
  • Zack now returns toad statues properly. Thanks for the head’s up, Al!

And thanks to Nosearmy, Mag, Cryptodynamic, Nyther, and Penguinpyro for some typo fixes.