Net Usability

Although some folks don’t use the Net much, others use the hell out of it. Particularly with Subversion Testing we’ve, perhaps ironically, found a lot of the weak points in the design and interface.

Managing Bookmarks
There’s now a “Check List” link above the target list. It’ll clear out sites you’ve lost access to through various means. This has been requested a couple times, as I recall, so you can thank xKiv for finally hitting the right argument :)

Target Searches
When you’re subverting another player’s site or using a target search, targets it returns that you already have access to are now called out. Also, the list is alphabetized (thanks, Mag!)

Hub Links
Sort of #FirstWorldProblems, but when your Hub saved a link to one of your sites, it wasn’t clearing out your alert level. Seeing as how you’re rebuilding access from scratch, clearing those only seems fair. Thanks for pointing this out, xKiv.

Touching Sites
Poking around a site then logging out will now draw a small amount of attention.

“But wait!” you may say “how does that make the Net more usable?” By making logging out free, the old setup made scouting and durdling around the interface strictly optimal. Now, those are still possible, but pushing ahead is the better option if you can manage it.

I think it’s win-win, to be honest.


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