End of Summer Bug Fixes

With summer winding down to a close (or fighting us every step of the way, as the case may be), it’s probably time for another bug fix roundup.

  • Fixed some issues causing damage to display incorrectly. Thanks Barton26, Mag, and Cryptodynamic.
  • Updated the Golden Chip quest log to reflect Novos being a thing. Good catch Mag!
  • The skittish bum shouldn’t spontaneously resurrect himself. Thanks for the report, Mag and Cryptodynamic.
  • You no longer default to giving the friendly bum the coat off your own back, even if you’re thank nice a guy. Thanks Dennis!
  • Despite that marvelous season approaching, the buried lab is not, in fact, Halloween. Thanks for pointing out those temporal inconsistencies, Barton26.
  • I think a good gift for your favorite dev would be a chocolate gun. You just have to run up and give it to him really fast. Thanks Vholes!

Also thanks to Vholes Piper, Al, and Cryptodynamic for help ferreting out some typos.


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