October Bug Fixes

Thanks to everyone who reported October’s bugs and typos.

  • Resolved an issue with the phoenix not absorbing fire properly. Thanks Arkaim!
  • Real Cyberbowl fans can now wear their team’s helmets. The rest of you are on notice. Thanks, Valmo!
  • Mag helped us fix up some Data Bouncer issues.
  • Fractal Cheats should cheat properly. Good testing, Vholes.
  • In a strange twist, Summon Mount should now summon a mount. Thanks, Arkaim!
  • Fixed some quest log issues with even Boundless Patience not marking Whispers in the Park as complete. Thanks for the bug report, Heriodule.
  • All classical recitals sound the same, thanks to Mag.
  • In accordance with Metroplex law, the Happy Hour now closes for a short time each day. Thanks Argeth!
  • Arkaim taught the skeletal rider to parry without falling off his horse.

And thanks to Mag, Barton26, Vholes Piper, Argeth, Heriodule, Al, The Fop, and GoldS for some help tracking down typos. Huzzah!


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