November Fixes

Been doing some behind the scenes work on Novos and the next unearthly item, but also fixing some… interesting bugs with the help of our intrepid players.

  • Changing gangs should also update your gang chat as appropriate. Good catch, PenguinPyro.
  • Mail should be less confused by names starting with digits. Thanks for the head’s up, The Fop.
  • Corrected some staring code recipes, thanks to Al.
  • Sewer gasses should stop blowing up PHP, thanks to Barton26.
  • Resolved an issue where having only one function left freezes hacking if it has an apostrophe in its description. Really. Thanks Mag!
  • The memorial statue should stop kidney punching you, no matter how much you deserve it. Good catch, Al!
  • Shook out lines of communication between the guards on different floors of the museum. Thanks, GoldS!

Also thanks to Valmo, PenguinPyro, Al, Cryptodynamic, Vholes Piper, and Arkaim for help skewering some typos.


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