Flash Frozen Fixes

They say that, if it gets cold enough, bugs you fix will freeze before they hit the ground.

Seriously, it was -9 (-28 Celsius) last night. On the bright side, I don’t have to wait for the school bus in weather like this anymore.

Anyway, here are some bugs that’ve gotten fixed in the last couple weeks.

  • Fixed a reoccurance of the “Novos costs double Energy” issue. Thanks, Arkaim!
  • Filled in some gaps in the Rosetta Orb’s armor. Thank you Cryptodynamic.
  • Gave the appropriate enemies knives to bring to gun fights. Thanks for doublechecking that, Al.
  • Sorted out an issue with the Fang leader cloning himself without a permit. Good catch, Heriodule.
  • Made the Gang Warfare requirements for special Gang Warfare encounters more consistent. Thanks Barton26.
  • The Runic Hound now grants a technique that exists and, by existing, may be slightly less cryptic. Thanks, Cryptodynamic.
  • Fixed downward stab’s distance check. Good catch, Al.
  • Helped make sure cookie tins didn’t come out too early. Thanks for letting me know, Barton26.

And special thanks to Cryptodynamic, Vholes Piper, Mag, DoctrZombie, Al, GoldS, PenguinPyro, and new typo-finder Dlarsona for helping rescue my wonky prose.


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