Spooky Bugs

The Halloween season isn’t just for ghosts and goblins. It’s also for crushing creepy crawlies.

  • Fixed an issue overrecording skills on the seasonal reset board. Good catch, Borkman.
  • On a similar note, Patchwork Dreams will appropriately not count towards reset depth, thanks to Al.
  • Strange eyedroppers should now be delivered when the descriptions say. Thanks, GoldS!
  • Roy’s infiltration has started working on drone sites. Good catch, Al and GoldS.
  • Fixed some issues with Halloween encounters. Thanks Heriodule, GoldS, Cryptodynamic and Arkaim!
  • Kicked some unwanted folks out of the museum. Thanks Heriodule and HappyYeti.
  • Animatronics and snakes should, in fact, make animatronic snakes. Thanks Cryptodynamic and Al.
  • Cyberbowl ball’s materials now match its description. Thanks for the investigative salvaging, GoldS!

Also thanks to Argeth, Cryptodynamic, Mag, Valmo, Borkman, and GoldS for making Metroplex a more readable place :)


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