February Bug Fixes

As the snow piles up and February winds down, we find ourselves with another crop of bug fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where freeing Dr. Amundsen only partially closes the Asylum. Thanks, Cryptodynamic!
  • Corrected some issues with lead-based crafting, thanks to Fred Cassidy, Mag, and Al.
  • Fixed an issue with the old Kill Command and negative finesse. Thanks, Maurice.
  • Fixed an issue triangulating signals with Arkaim.
  • Sorted out leaden knuckles and grave shovels odd item types. Thanks, Valmo.
  • Reminded gravediggers they can’t breathe underwater. Good catch, Al!

And thanks to GoldS, borkman, Mag, Al, Valmo, Cryptodynamic, and Vholes Piper for helping to track down some typos.


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