Oldtown New Changes

With the release of Oldtown, there are plenty of opportunities for improvement.

  • First off, we now have another admin for the wiki. Congratulations, Cryptodynamic!
  • Centipedes now have skittering charm. Good call, new wiki admin.
  • Resolved an old issue with /whois and underscores in player’s names. Thanks xKiv!
  • Convinced Midgard heavies legs and arms are different things. Thanks Valmo and GoldS!
  • The friendly vines should now properly get you over to the records office. Good catch, Al!
  • Fixed some issues where workers were lot inspectors were getting their hands dirty. For shame! Thanks for the report, GoldS.
  • Fixed some display issues with Tactical Study. Thanks, Argeth.
  • Corrected an early issue with some misty office encounters. Thanks Valmo!
  • Plant residue is now properly handled as a powder. Good catch, GoldS.

And thanks to Valmo, Cryptodynamic, Al, plus4, Argeth, and GoldS for their indispensable help in the typo wars.


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